We often use plenty of different products and treatments to preserve the healthy and young appearance of the skin. Still, we make skin-care mistakes as often, not even realizing that. What should you pay attention to while perfecting your skin? We present 4 major face-care mistakes that make the skin age faster.

1. You remove make-up all wrong.

Incorrectly-done make-up removal is the most popular skin-care mistake. Why? We want to get rid of make-up within a couple of seconds without bad consequences for the skin. We usually use cotton pads and tend to rub the skin harshly. This way we surely don’t improve the skin but we make the wrinkles appear way too soon. Above all, we need to remove make-up gently (it may actually turn out to be relaxing). You can try a great alternative to ordinary face cleansers – natural oils (e.g. castor oil) perfectly cleanse the skin. They also hydrate and replenish the lipid layer of the skin so you can really hold up the occurrence of face lines.

2. You pop pimples.

Many people are bothered by acne these days. You may often feel tempted to pop a pimple to get rid of it quickly. Unfortunately, by popping pimples you worsen the state of the skin, causing the loss of skin’s building blocks such as collagen and elastin. To make things worse, you increase the risk of acne marks and scars. It’s good to give up on sugar in your daily diet because it has a negative effect on the skin. Facial acids and products prescribed by a dermatologist are perfect remedies for acne skin.

3. You don’t use sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a brilliant shield which protects the skin against the negative effect of solar radiation. We tend to forget about it and use it just on the beach but we should apply the SPF-rich moisturizers every day, particularly in the summer and spring. This way we can avoid the premature wrinkles or sun spots. Try to pick sunscreens containing natural ingredients and formulated without harmful substances. My tried and tested products include Pharmaceris S SPF 50, Pai Hello Sunshine SPF 30, Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50 and REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30.

4. You don’t use a toner after face washing.

In the evening, we clear our faces of dirt that have settled throughout the day but we like to forget about a toner. Surprisingly, this product plays an important role in the skin-care routine. When we cleanse the skin, the pH level is significantly increased. To restore the balance, we need a toner. This way the skin is fresh and smooth but it isn’t dehydrated. Miya active essence in a light mist is very popular and highly-rated.