The cream is a basic cosmetic for the face used by both women and men. Do you know that it is ineffective if it does not match our skin type?!

The first and the most important rule of skincare says that there is no universal cosmetics. Each of us must carefully observe their own skin to get to know its type and needs, and then choose a product with the right composition, consistency and action. The same applies to the face cream.

Which face cream to choose?

It is important to think out the choice of cream we want to buy. It is good to pay attention to something more than the price and the brand. What is more important and has a greater impact on the effects is hidden inside the packaging. It’s a good idea to choose cosmetics with a simple composition in which there are only substances that we know and are aware of how they work. If the INCI list is very long and undecipherable, it’s better to replace such cosmetic with a home-made preparation – the effects may be weaker but we will be sure that the ingredients we use are natural and the product lacks any preservatives and potentially irritating substances.

The best cream for dry skin

Which cream to choose when our skin is very dry? One that intensely moisturizes (e.g. hyaluronic acid, which combines water molecules in the skin and does not allow them to escape), but also reduces the unpleasant tension of the skin and soothes irritations. It should also contain some vitamins and minerals, thanks to which dry skin will be smooth, shiny and soft. It is worth to mention that the cream for dry skin should have a rich, thicker formula but at the same time be well-absorbed.

The right cream for mature skin

In the case of mature skin, the choice of face cream is much more difficult than in any other case, because mature skin requires comprehensive care. It is important that it moisturises, nourishes, soothes irritations, regenerates and also provides anti-aging effects. For this reason, an ideal face cream for mature skin has a light formula consisting of a concentrated set of ingredients – vitamins (especially ‘the vitamin of youth’ – vitamin E), minerals, fatty acids, peptides, coenzyme Q10, collagen, etc. All of these are responsible for restoring the skin’s firmness.

The perfect cream for tired skin

Tired skin is dehydrated, dull, sallow, with characteristic under-eye bags and dark circles. Which cream would be the best for such skin? One that will restore its condition. It should contain a set of natural ingredients with the effect of very intense nourishing, moisturising, regenerating and improving microcirculation (thanks to which the skin acquires a healthy colour and dark circles disappear).

The cream for acne and oily skin

The most common mistake in the care of oily skin with acne tendency is the use of a large amount of make-up products, which are supposed to remove shine, mask the skin imperfections and even out the skin tone. However, the most important here is the face cream – excessive make-up can only damage the condition of your skin. Which ingredients should the cream for acne-prone skin contain? Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing substances that also tighten pores, regulate the sebaceous glands and also moisturise and nourish the face.