Makes you look beautiful, skin becomes fresh and it can perfectly complement any make-up. This is what can be said about any blusher. Every girl should have it in her cosmetic bag. Check out how to apply it and what shade should you choose to look more beautiful than ever.

What shade of blusher suits you?

There are two possible ways to determine it. First one involves matching blusher with natural colour of your blush. To do that, gently pinch your cheeks and the blush will appear. Second method involves matching blusher’s colour with your fingertips. The skin in this area is very delicate and has the same colour as the skin on your cheeks. Just apply some blusher on to the palm of your hand, then match it with the shade and pigmentation of your fingertips.

Skin and blusher

For fair skin best are pastel pink and light pink shades. Great can be also peach with shimmering or sateen finish. For the special occasions, perfect solution will be blusher in plum shade, creamy formula and with content of blue pigments.

Apricot blusher matches medium skin complexion. If you are not the one to be afraid of unique appearance, try mauve blusher (in violet-pink colour). Use products with matte, pearl and sateen finish. In raspberry blusher this skin complexion will look fresh.

Olive skin can be beautified with peach blusher. To emphasise everyday make-up, use cosmetic in rose colour. Tan effect can be created with blusher in brown shade. You can try all the formulas of this cosmetic, starting with creamy right to the loose.

For the dark skin choose blusher in raisins or orange shade. This product should be highly pigmented and provide your skin with warm tones, e.g. red. Thanks to use of cosmetics in these colours you will easily contour your face and emphasise the dark skin complexion.

How should you apply blusher?

The method of application of blusher depends on its consistency. Loose cosmetic apply with round brush on the cheek bones. Great is applicator with angled and dense bristle. Creamy blusher is best to apply with fingers by gently tapping and spreading the product. Blusher should be applied on the raised part of cheek bones. You have to make sure that product is well spread; to blend it with foundation. If you use bronzer and blusher at the same time, remember that the line between the two should be well blended.