Can you turn day-to-day body care into a pleasurable ritual? It’s possible if you turn to body brushing. Do you know the benefits of body brushing and why it makes a good pick?

Hands down everybody knows about the benefits of massage. It stimulates flow of blood and lymph, smoothes out and adds elasticity to skin, aids in exfoliating the epidermis. Dry body brush treatment is a form of massage having similar effects.

Body brushing. What does it consist in?

Body brushing is a relaxing and skin-conditioning treatment that is increasing in popularity. It ideally fits into SPA therapies which both let us relax and enhance the appearance. A dry body brush massage:

  • stimulates blood flow and gives an energizing effect;
  • exfoliates dead cells and smoothes out skin;
  • aids in reducing swelling;
  • boosts elasticity, firms up and tightens skin;
  • prevents ingrown hair;
  • reduces cellulite and stretch marks;
  • accelerates skin repair and rejuvenates the body.

You simply massage the body with a brush. You need to do it the right way, gently, without a rush. Beginners must know that first attempts might not be very nice especially when the skin is sensitive. The good thing is you can do dry body brushing at home; no need for salon appointments.

How to: dry body brush the right way?

First of all, you need to do it sensitively. Dry body brushing gives the best results when done gently without giving much pressure. It isn’t about ripping off the surficial layer of the skin. It aims at stimulating the blood flow gently.

There are three more rules to remember.

  1. Get a body brush and press it to the skin at a 45 degree angle or at a perpendicular angle if the bristle is short.
  2. Always move in the direction of the heart using long motions from feet through the belly to the neck.
  3. Your motions must be way gentler in the area of breasts, neck and belly, and you can give more pressure on the buttocks and thighs.

5 reasons why dry body brushing is a great idea

If you’re still having second thoughts, the following reasons are very likely to convince you.


Dry body brushing needs just one gadget – a brush you buy once and use for long months. You can perform the massage at home e.g. while binge-watching. No extra skills needed so it’s really worth a try.


Way smoother skin is a body brushing effect that you see the fastest. This kind of massage helps get rid of dead skin cells and speeds up repair so the skin is velvety, soft and radiant.


You can’t forget that brushing the body is simply enjoyable. The skin quickly gets used to the feeling that the brush massage gives and we can chill in.


Many women are right to decide on dry body brushing because it lets them fight unwanted cellulite, stretch marks and problems such as ingrowns after hair removal. Regular brushing keeps skin firm, young and healthy.


You should also know that dry body brushing stimulates microcirculation of blood and lymph. In turn your skin is better nourished as well as helps remove toxins from the body so you feel way better.