Mistakes are inevitable part of our lives, even in make-up and care. Be it eyebrow shaping, tinting or make-up, there can be many problematic issues. Check what to avoid to have beautiful, neat and trendy eyebrows.

1. Why aren’t my eyebrows perfect?

The biggest mistake that affects both your appearance and make-up is over-plucking. If you want to avoid any failure, it’s recommended to mark the proper contour of the brows before pulling out the hairs. Too thin, thick or angled can spoil the whole image. So how to properly shape your eyebrows? First it’s good to let them grow a bit. After some time, take an eyebrow pencil and place it next to the flare of the nostril to touch the corners of your eyes to mark the beginning, end and the arch.

2. Improperly chosen colour

Too dark eyebrows is a very common problem. Black or dark brown brows hardly match a light colour of complexion. In general, your eyebrows should create a whole with your hair, iris, eyelashes and skin. You can also use more than one cosmetic with different shades to achieve a 3D effect.

3. Improper make-up cosmetics

Eyebrow pencils, pomades, gels, shadows are just some of the cosmetics designed for eyebrow styling. Unfortunately, not every woman knows how to use them. What’s more, some products can work badly with your type of brows – they might stick the hairs together making further make-up impossible.

4. Improper shape of eyebrows

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful are natural eyebrows. If they are highlighted too much, the effect will be caricatural. Overdrawn brows make the face resemble a theatrical mask. It’s best if they have a gentle, blurred shape, and are slightly curved just above the outer corner of the eye. Also, remember that make-up should only emphasize your beauty, not create it. This is why the cosmetics should be used to highlight the contours, not to add completely new shape to your eyebrows.

5. Improper contours

Straight eyebrows deprive the face of expressions making the eyes small and narrow. If the arch is raised too high, you look like you would be constantly surprised. The so-called tadpole eyebrows make the eyes swollen and the eyelids droopy. Too short eyebrows as well as over-plucked are not recommended either.

6. Improper length

The eyebrow line cannot be too short. It should end near the outer corner of the eye. To check it, use the eyebrow pencil, press it to the flare of your nostril at the level of the outer corner of your eye. This is where you should draw the end of your brow. Only eyebrows of the proper length fully emphasize your beauty.