Impurities and sebum that gather of the skin are best removed with other oils or strong detergents. The latter are not recommended when facial cleansing is involved. Detergents dry out and irritate the epidermis, leading to skin oiliness, pore contamination and the appearance of blemishes. It seems that the best way to remove makeup is to use natural face oils.

Natural face cleansing oils – properties

Facial cleansing oils effectively cleanse the skin of the remains of makeup, impurities and excess sebum, and at the same time, they are very delicate. Not only do they not affect the natural protective hydro-lipid layer, they also strengthen it. Natural face oils contain vitamins and valuable nutrients that nourish the skin very well. The conditioning properties of natural oils have contributed to the increase in the popularity of the OCM method. What exactly is the OCM method?

What is the OCM method?

The OCM method (oil cleansing method) is based on cleansing the skin with the use of natural oils. You use a self-prepared oil blend based on castor oil and another oil of your choice. The oil cannot be a randomly chosen one but must be matched to the skin type. Then, you use the product to massage the face. After a few minutes, wipe the face with a warmed up towel or a muslin or microfiber cloth.

Oil Cleansing Method – downsides

The OCM method is not recommended for people with severe acne and capillary skin. What’s more, washing up oils requires time and conscientiousness. An additional difficulty is the fact that the choice of the second base oil is individual. This is not easy for beginners, especially since improperly selected oil can bring more harm than good.

Oil Cleansing Method – a better version 

Koreans and Japanese decided to improve the OCM method, which was very healthy and effective itself, but it required refinement. For this purpose, they added special emulsifying agents to the oil blend, which changed it into an emulsifying and easily washable milk. That is how the face cleansing oil was created – a popular makeup remover oil.