Aloe vera gel is an immensely popular, natural skin and hair care product which has lots of beauty benefits, including the soothing, regenerating and moisturising effect. What other properties does Aloe gel have and how it works on hair and skin? Where to buy Aloe gel and can you drink it? Are there any contraindications for using it?

Aloe gel – benefits

Aloe vera has been always regarded as a healing plant. Its flesh has been used for treating burnt skin, wounds and scars. People tended to press Aloe leaves to sore skin hoping for some relief.

We still think highly of Aloe due to nutrients captured in its pulp. Aloe gel is used externally and has moisturising, repairing, anti-itching, soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect whereas taken internally Aloe purifies, helps lose weight and enhances immune system.

How does Aloe gel work?

Gel form of Aloe is easy to use so you can apply it directly to skin and hair. Remember that a higher percentage of Aloe extract means more nutrients in a gel.

Aloe gel & facial skin

Aloe gel is suitable for nearly every skin type. Considering demanding sensitive or acne skin, it is going to work for these types most. Closing pores is its extra asset. What’s more, Aloe moisturises and regenerates so it fulfils the needs of extremely dry skin (it reduces burning sensation and itching). Owing to antibacterial properties, Aloe gel relieves inflammation and alleviates skin. Moreover, it helps treat eczema and psoriasis.

Aloe gel & body skin

Feel free to apply Aloe gel to your face and other body parts. Because it has softening power, it handles hard, cracked heels. It also works when you try to soothe and heal wounds and burns, as well as alleviates skin and reduces itchiness after insect bites.

Aloe gel is an effective remedy for post-shave and post-sun irritation because it strongly moisturises, regenerates and soothes skin, not causing the burning sensation at the same time. Aloe has a lightening effect, too, therefore Aloe-rich products work for whitening scars, stretch marks and discolored skin.

Aloe gel & hair + scalp

Thanks to regenerating and moisturising power, Aloe gel effectively conditions your hair and scalp. It is mostly recommended for people bothered by hair loss and dandruff. Aloe gel restores scalp pH, strengthens and nourishes hair bulbs and stimulates growth. It moisturises and satisfies the needs of extremely dry hair.

Where to buy Aloe gel?

Aloe gel is available in pharmacies, drug stores, stores with natural products. Choose products that contain over 90% of Aloe and the least number of additional substances. This is what makes a natural product different from others.

Aloe vera for drinking

Aloe can be taken internally as well – through drinking Aloe gel or juice. It is a tasty, nutrient-rich drink. Because it reinforces immune system, it makes the best choice in autumn and winter. Thanks to strong purifying properties, it helps you lose weight, regulates digestive processes and removes toxins. Moreover, it lowers the levels of glucose and lipids in blood, therefore, it satisfies the needs of diabetes and metabolic syndrome sufferers. To make the most of Aloe drinks, make sure it is as natural as it can be as well as free from artificial sweeteners.

Aloe gel – contraindications

Drinking Aloe isn’t recommended for kids under 12, nursing and pregnant women.