It goes without saying that neck skin has to be taken care of on regular basis just like we do it with face skin, for example. It’s worth realizing that skin located on neck is more exposed to the adverse action delivered by external factor so it ages faster. Find out what can be done to help neck skin remain healthy and beautiful. Learn the best cosmetics, tricks and beauty treatments.

Why neck skin care is so crucial?

Neck and cleavage skin features definitely less sebaceous glands than face skin. For that reason, it isn’t able to produce natural hydro-lipid barrier which is responsible for delivering protection and moisturisation. Moreover, in the summer cleavage and neck aren’t covered by clothing and this enables sun rays to reach these body parts easily. As a consequence, skin gets dehydrated faster, wrinkles appear, so do discolorations. Basically, skin located on these body parts is definitely thinner which makes it more prone to damages; also, it features less collagen fibres.

How to take care of neck skin at home?

The first idea is to choose dense creams for home neck skin care. Their action will be based on nourishing, replenishing skin with water and protecting it. Such beauty products contain antioxidants in the form of vitamin A, C, and E as well as microelements (zinc, selenium, ferulic acid and flavonoids). Moreover, your neck skin will be taken care of by semi-drying and drying oils. In this case, you can make a good use of sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, peach seed oil and rice oil.

Have you noticed some inflammations on your neck skin? Try to find source of this ailment as fast as possible and match the right treatment (visit at a dermatologist’s shall help). Also, bear in mind that neck and cleavage shouldn’t be exposed to peels that are: coarse-grained, herbal, contain AHA or BHA acids and contain TCA acid high concentration. Neck skin is very delicate and reacts badly to such substances.

Is it as good idea to use some special substances for neck skin care? Yes, and these are retinol and sunscreens. The first ingredient works antiaging and protects skin from sun. The second ingredient prevents discolorations and slows down skin ageing processes. Also, it prevents skin from getting flabby.

Neck care in a beauty parlour

If you think about professional neck skin care, you should go for physiotherapeutic exercises. During this kind of therapy sessions, a specialist will examine the position of your head and muscle tension, the right posture will be defined and possible ailments will be recognized. Also, a physiotherapist will choose an appropriate set of exercises and help select the right food supplements to take.

Last but not least, your neck skin condition will be boosted by therapies which take advantage of LED light, micro-vibration and exfoliation (Bloomea), skin injections and inserting into it nourishing substances, anti-age massage, radio waves, platelet-rich plasma treatments as well as face yoga also know as facefitness.