Blusher imitates your natural blush. However, how should you choose the right one and how to apply it? What are the blusher types?

The blusher – history

Before professional blusher came to be, women used strawberries, raspberries, beets, and other plants, pinched their cheeks or applied (toxic) lead. Trends change and at some point blush started to be associated with peasant origin and crudeness – highly born women with pure thoughts had porcelain skin.

Nowadays, blusher is one of the most commonly used makeup products and no surprise as it is subtle and effective at the very same time.

How to choose the right blusher?

The most important condition is the color. In order to choose the correct shade, close the product in the palms of your hands and compare its shade with (pink) tips of the fingers. What is more, the blusher’s color should go well with the shade of lipstick, eye and hair color and skin complexion.

Another criterium is the blusher’s properties. Prior to purchase, you should think it over as to whether you need a slightly highlighting product or not and does it need to be hypoallergenic or not. Some women into consideration take price and brand, others do not care about it but all of them want a long-lasting product that goes well with foundation and powder.

How to apply blusher?

Most of all, with moderation, especially in the evening as at this time of the day the cheeks makeup is of less relevance – after eye and lip makeup. The importance is reverse for the daytime makeup.

When you apply blusher, you cannot smile as it causes cheeks to rise. After all, this cosmetic is used as the finishing touch Рthe cream blusher administer with fingertips (then put the powder on), the loose and pressed blusher apply with a blusher brush (on the powder).

The types of blushers

There are four types of blusher you can choose out of: pressed, stick, cream and loose.

  • Pressed blusher is the most popular. It resembles pressed powder and its use is similar. It needs to be applied with a blusher brush. Its advantage over other types is that excess product is easy to remove (just wipe it off with a tissue) and the most long-lasting.
  • Stick blusher resembles lipstick. It is highly precise and convenient in use because for application no brush is needed.
  • Cream blusher is extremely long-lasting. It can be applied with fingertips on to the creamed skin. Unfortunately, its use requires precision and proficiency. The result is noticeable yet natural.
  • Loose blusher is a mineral powder. It requires the use of brush and is very long-lasting, yet still, it is the least popular.