Oily scalp, weighed-down hair and dandruff? The products that you’ve been using stopped working? No worries, you’re not the only one with the problem. Many girls can’t handle greasy hair and sebum overproduction. Is there a remedy?

Why does hair get oily?

Hair oiliness can be caused by a few factors, including the hormone imbalance due to pregnancy, diseases or genetic susceptibility. Wrong diet or hair care (leading to the extremely dry scalp and too much sebum production) makes for the scalp oiliness, too. It happens due to overusing cleansing cosmetics or too much heat styling.

Products for oily hair

Use suitable shampoos and conditioners (just be careful with the latter). Lightweight products, infused with proteins, silicones or oils, are the best for greasy hair. Choose products with nettle, camomile or sage extracts which soothe the scalp and block sebum secretion. From time to time, you can use a mousse or spray to add some volume.

How to condition your hair?

Don’t wash your hair and scalp in hot water and don’t treat it with a hot airflow because high temps intensify sebum production. After washing, rinse your hair out with cold water to close the cuticles and smooth unruly flyaways. Wearing tight hairdos isn’t recommended either because it weakens hair bulbs. You need to wash oily hair as often as necessary. A long enough and attentive scalp massage should reduce sebum secretion and freshen up your hair.