Laser therapy is said to be the most effective acne treatment. Why? It doesn’t overload your body as much as antibiotics. What is more, it’s more efficient than anti-acne spot treatments. Let’s check the procedure and its effects.

Challenge of finding an acne cure

Acne isn’t just a cosmetic defect. It is a chronic disease which goes back due to various factors. It affects teenagers and adults. Its development is connected with hormone changes, environmental pollution, wrong diet, lifestyle and some medication. Antibiotics and ointments are most common acne treatments. The proper skin care and even makeup removal matter a lot.

Acne-prone skin care routine

Acne skin needs the right care. An everyday hygiene and cleaning the skin (without dehydrating and irritating the skin) matter a lot. Believe it or not, acne skin requires the use of rich moisturisers. On the other hand, you cannot use products with alcohol or detergents which damage the natural hydro-lipid barrier, lead to an intensified sebum secretion and breakouts. Gently exfoliating the skin and removing dead cells, impurities and cosmetic build-up are the must-do steps in acne-prone skin care.

Laser vs. acne

Laser therapy is the most effective method for treating acne. Yellow laser light is used for destroying the bacteria which causes acne breakouts. The use of this technology lets patients go back to normal immediately after the procedure. Moreover, the laser light stimulates skin cells to repair, controls the function of sebum glands and prevents inflammation. The yellow light laser eliminates pimples and keeps new ones from occurring. To heal the skin, you need to undergo several treatments done every two weeks.

Laser & exfoliation in acne treatment

Some acne lesions require using both laser therapy and exfoliation. This method is used for fighting under-skin pimples and bumps. In case of bigger and deeply-located blemishes, photo-dynamic therapy is necessary. A gel medication is used – it is treated with the yellow laser light. The exfoliation plus laser treatment in adults usually lasts up to six months.