Quite recently, fashion designers has started to create their own cosmetic collections. We are flooded with, for example, fragrances signed by actresses, shampoos with models’ seal of approval, and now, we can buy Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani. Let us examine, whether this trend appears to be legitimate.

To start with, what is this Luminous Silk Foundation, created by Giorgio Armani? Basically, this is a cosmetic, the aim of which is to highlight, even skin tone and smooth complexion. Furthermore, it contains plenty of brightening pigments which reflect light, provide gleam and make complexion prettier and healthier. Due to the light consistency, the product is easy to apply, and does not create smudges on one’s face. However, at the end of a day, the foundation can be a little bit wiped from some parts of face. What is more, Armani’s product can simply becomes either darker or of changed colour as the day comes to an end.

Secondly, Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani should be applied with a make up brush, which in fact, is also designed by the same designer. Generally, it is advisable to apply the foundation with a flat and fairly big make up brush. Thanks to this sort of brush, it is easier to stamp face with the make up foundation.

Thirdly, Luminous Silk Foundation can be bought in over 20 shades! Has somebody overdone with it? Definitely, the answer is negative. The more shades, the easier it is to match the appropriate one with our skin tone. With regard to this, Armani provides us with beiges, browns, wide range of écru and many, many more colours of this make up foundation. How to pick the best shade? Usually, we try the shade of the foundation out on a wrist. This is mistake! After all, it is our face to be covered with the foundation, not our hands. Having this in mind, the shade should be checked on chick or jaw.

As a famous fashion designer, the bottle is rather ordinary. A black cap and transparent package does not bring us on our knees. Nevertheless, the great advantage of Luminous Silk Foundation is its dispenser which is in a form of pump. Thanks to just one push, we dispense the very amount of the cosmetic that is needed to apply a single layer of make up foundation. On the other hand, it is impossible to reach the foundation’s residues once these stay on the bottom of the package.