Body decorating was known for centuries, it took numerous forms and was used for various purposes. One of the present-day body decoration techniques is tattooing. To let it preserve its intensive colour, tattoo must be taken care of appropriately. How to take care of a tattoo?

New Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts

If you’ve just had a new tattoo done, then you should know that until it heals completely, you mustn’t drink alcohol. Those two things combined might harm you. In short, the tattoo won’t heal properly and the pattern might become blurred and faded. For that reason, tattoo artists recommend staying away from alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes for approximately three days since injecting the ink into skin. You aren’t also supposed to:

  • take medications that affect blood thickness;
  • exercise intensively;
  • visit a swimming pool, solarium and sauna;
  • take long baths;
  • scrape scab off.

How to Care for a New Tattoo?

A ready tattoo is covered with food foil that can be removed no sooner than after 3 hours after injecting the ink into skin. At home wash the pattern with lukewarm water and gentle soap, and dry it delicately using a paper towel. This procedure should be carried out in hygienic conditions. It must be realized that fresh tattoo might be exposed to bacteria and dust, which you have to shield it from. Moreover, let your new tattoo has an easy access to fresh air. Also, use a rich ointment that prevents skin dehydration, is antibacterial and helps epidermis to heal faster. Then, wrap the tattoo with food oil. Keep repeating the procedure for the next three days.

Additionally, it’s important to keep moisturising the tattoo in the above-mentioned way for two weeks and apply an ointment to it even 4 times a day. The coat of the ointment shouldn’t be too thick though – you need to let the tattoo breathe freely. Wash the tattooed skin area with water and soap before each application of the ointment. What’s important to realize, healed tattoo also requires tender care. Keep moisturising it regularly because this is the only way for it to preserve its colour and shape.

Tattoo vs. Sunbathing and Colour Fade

Under the influence of heat ink is able to move as its shape and color becomes unaesthetic. During the skin healing period, you can’t sunbath. Later, you must apply a sunscreen with the highest SPF to the tattoo. It’s likely for the ink to fade away due to UV radiation.