Semi-permanent make-up is one of the techniques of eyebrow make-up and care. More and more women are willing to try, praising the effects afterwards. If you also want to have beautiful eyebrows and save a lot of time in the morning, try semi-permanent eyebrow make-up.

What is semi-permanent eyebrow make-up?

Permanent make-up is an alternative to traditional make-up. Thanks to this, your eyebrows may finally have the right shape and shade. During the procedure the aim is to achieve a natural effect of eyebrows with appropriate density and colour that match the hair and complexion. Semi-permanent make-up provides long-lasting effects. It is recommended for people who:

  • lost their eyebrow hair after illness or treatment;
  • plucked their eyebrows too much;
  • want to give their eyebrows a natural look;
  • want to devote less time to make-up.

Semi-permanent makeup methods

There are a few method used in semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. These include:

1. Hairstrokes (microfeathering method)

The effect of this method is natural and dense eyebrows that optically enlarge and better highlight the eyes. This method is recommended for people with thin eyebrows of a vague shape. Semi-permanent make-up is done with a pen-like tool with which the dye is put under the skin. During the procedure, the cosmetologist draws feathery strokes to fill in the brow. The treatment is painless and the swelling goes away after two or three weeks.

2. Microshading method

This method creates the effect of thick and expressive eyebrows in a natural colour. There are two subtypes of the method: soft powder and ombre powder. The first type is recommended for young people who have thick but light eyebrows. The second is more complicated to perform, but gives a professional effect.

The procedure begins by drawing a new contour of eyebrows with a brow pencil. Then, the pigment is selected; in the case of ombre, it is several shades. Only then is local anaesthesia applied. Shortly after the treatment the eyebrows are unnaturally dark, but after some time the colour acquires a natural shade. The effect lasts from several months to two years.

3. Hybrid methods

The hair and powder method can be combined, what is called a soft combo or bold combo. The first one involves the use of fathering method and then delicate microshadowing. The second one is a combination of the microshadowing and strong powder shading.

Semi-permanent makeup – healing and contraindications

Regardless of the method chosen, the eyebrows should be taken care of properly. They should be moisturised and such activities as sunbathing, swimming in the pool or going to sauna reduced. After the procedure, scab can appear on the brows which should not be damaged. For care you can use creams with vitamins A and E. In some cases the dye can turn green. Contraindications to the procedure are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, diabetes, psoriasis, hemophilia, taking steroids.