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Dry body brushing. Does it make any sense?

Can you turn day-to-day body care into a pleasurable ritual? It’s possible if you turn to body brushing. Do you know the benefits of body brushing and why it makes a good pick? Hands down everybody knows about the benefits of massage. It stimulates flow of blood and lymph, smoothes out and adds elasticity to […]

Flaky skin. The best methods to deal with dry skin!

There are days, weeks or even months when our skin is extremely dry and face becomes decorated with awful flaky skin. It is a symptom of many possible reasons. Why do you get peeling skin on your face and how to get rid of it? Meet the best ways to fight off dry skin. It […]

7 Serums Your Redness-Prone Skin Will Love From First Use

Inflammation, redness or visible capillaries on the face? This is what rosacea-prone skin appears through. Reacting to new cosmetic products is another characteristic feature. If your skin is like that, then go for the best products not to make it worse. In today’s roundup, you’ll find 7 serums that your skin will love from the […]

Nanoil the best face serum with vitamin c

Dreaming of luminescent skin? Try Vitamin C face serum Nanoil!

If you’re looking for something that would improve the appearance of your skin in a snap and deal with wrinkles, put your trust in vitamin C’s power. Applying this nutrient to face makes an easy way to reverse your biological age. How? Vitamin C reduces fine lines, handles sagging and prevents photo-ageing which is one […]

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