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TOP 3 foundations that make your skin Instagram filter worthy

Do you dream of flawless skin? The most important is skincare, the second is obviously a good foundation. Did you know that your foundation can also have beautifying properties? Check out which foundations are on the top best list. As it turns out they don’t have to cost a small fortune. TOP foundations: flawless skin […]

Bell Hypoallergenic Aqua Jelly

Jelly foundation? Seems impractical. However, Bell has proven that hydrating and mattifying foundation, Hypoallergenic Aqua Jelly is more than an interesting gadget. The hypoallergenic foundation that hydrates and mattifies at the same time is no innovation. Nonetheless, if all that is accompanied by jelly texture, you can get something truly surprising. It is what can […]

Beauty tricks you may find helpful

At least once in a lifetime, each one of us has made some serious beauty faux pas. Smudged mascara, mask effect, lipstick on teeth are just some things that can happen during the day. Check out what you can do when all of your cosmetics refuse to obey you. How to handle make-up mistakes? Eye […]

How to properly apply foundation?

Correctly applied foundation is extremely essential forĀ a perfect make-up. If you want your skin to look really good, always make sure that all your colour cosmetics are appropriately applied. Have a look on how to do it and what make-up brushes are the best for this task. How to apply foundation? Start applying your foundation […]

Burberry Velvet Foundation

Checked make up foundation – Burberry Velvet Foundation

Often enough, fashion designers have proven that they are able to create not only clothes or accessories but also cosmetics. Burberry went the same way. And this is how Velvet Foundation was born. One is obvious, you say Burberry and you see the extremely characteristic checked pattern. This motive is present in every piece of […]

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