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HIT! Coconut oil as a natural and multipurpose cosmetic

We’ve already had 50 shades of Grey, 300 Spartans, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Is the life trying to teach us that more is always better? It definitely applies to cosmetics and the world of beauty. That is why multi-purpose cosmetics have broken popularity records! It refers to the all-purpose products with proven effectiveness and […]

Homemade natural hair cosmetic [DIY]

Natural means that is, without chemical compounds, silicones, parabens, oil derivatives. Such products are gentle to the skin and at the same time are strongly beautifying and regenerating. Home cosmetics are the perfect way for your hair to regain its vigor, shine, and vitality. Their preparation is not difficult and can give you a lot of satisfaction. […]

How to regenerate hair after winter?

Dry, matte and weak. Is this how your hair look like after winter? If yes, it is time to meet ways to regenerate your scalp. These methods are easy, while at the same time provide sensational and immediate effects. Meet them all. Why do hair and scalp condition worsen? Undoubtedly, it has something to do […]

Alphabet of a hair maniac – hair styling products

Here are the most popular cosmetics for styling you hair. Every hair maniac has them in their make-up bags. You cannot do without these products especially if your hair is long, thick and difficult to style. G for GEL Its action is similar to wax (which will be described further on), but has a much lighter formula. The cosmetic […]

Number 1 in hair care! Nanoil for medium porosity hair

The most common problems with hair are dandruff and greasy (or just the opposite – dry) hair, splitting ends, lack of volume, roughness, dull or excessive hair loss. A particular tendency for such problems is typical for medium porosity hair. Probably, you are also the owner of such hair type. If so, you must absolutely get […]

Iron bubble: Does it really work?

Hot rollers, sponge rollers and classic curler are no more. How’s this possible? After all so many girls use these gadgets. However, we have now new gadget at hand and it can make your curls even more beautiful and long lasting than ever. We are talking about iron bubble. How does iron bubble look like? […]

Colourisation with Nutella and milk – the newest hair trend!

What is the best way to make yourself feel better? For many women, this is definitely new haircut. By changing your appearance a bit, you feel better and more confident. The colour is of great significance. What should you do when you want to change your hair colour just a notch, but you are not […]

How to safely straighten hair?

Many girls still do not know how to correctly straighten hair. Effect? Damaged, dry and weak strands with split ends. See how to safely straighten hair, how to take care of it and what mistakes to avoid. How often should you straighten your hair? You must remember that in fact there is no such thing […]

New brushes from Tangle Teezer – Choose your favourite

Tangle Teezer is known probably to everyone. This small brush is able to detangle all hair types. However, lately Tangle Teezer has introduced new gadgets for hair styling. These are round and flat brushes, Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Round Tool and Tangle Teezer Styling Smoothing Tool. Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Round Tool In Tangle Teezer […]

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