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Alternative to drugstore cosmetics – homemade products for beautiful complexion

How to be beautiful without spending a fortune? Our moms who didn’t have access to so many various cosmetics as we do, know reliable and effective methods to have a beautiful complexion. Luckily, there is no need for giving up our favourite creams or toners. It is enough to enrich their action with the benefits brought […]

Face makeup removal: natural oils for washing the face

Impurities and sebum that gather of the skin are best removed with other oils or strong detergents. The latter are not recommended when facial cleansing is involved. Detergents dry out and irritate the epidermis, leading to skin oiliness, pore contamination and the appearance of blemishes. It seems that the best way to remove makeup is to use […]

Acids! Chemical peel with mandelic acid for the summer

Did you know that even in the summer you can use cosmetic acids? This is when the skin is most exposed to UV rays, free radicals and other external factors. However, you can provide it with adequate protection and care. Apply a chemical peel with mandelic acid. Peels in the summer? Why not! As a matter of fact, […]

What are the properties and effects of ferulic acid

Discoloration, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and other imperfections are many women’s nightmare. If you have similar problems, then you should try out a cosmetology treatment with the use of ferulic acid. Will it help your skin? See for yourself!  Ferulic acid – what is it? Ferulic acid is a cinnamic acid derivative that dissolves in water and ethanol. In […]

How to choose the right night face cream?

The composition of a night cream for face care differs from the creams that are intended for day use. The former contains a higher concentration of nutrients, it is much denser and devoid of a UV filter. In addition, the night-time face cream will be thicker than day cream due to the lower water content […]

A face cream that actually works. How to choose the right cosmetic for your skin type?

The cream is a basic cosmetic for the face used by both women and men. Do you know that it is ineffective if it does not match our skin type?! The first and the most important rule of skincare says that there is no universal cosmetics. Each of us must carefully observe their own skin […]

Coconut oil a remedy for everything! Care, treatment and use in the kitchen

Did you know that coconut oil is the healthiest oil in the world? It has a wide range of applications in the kitchen as well as in cosmetics and dietetics. Due to the variety of properties and effective action, it is used by many people. How will you use it? Coconut oil in the kitchen Thanks […]

Skincare for everyone. How to take care of your complexion regardless of the age?

Your skin will remain healthy and beautiful longer if you take care of it the right way. Do you know that skincare should be based on a few basic principles? Check out how to take care of your skin regardless of age. Give it the best you can! Skin is a living and constantly changing part […]

Three newies of the Healthy Mix line from Bourjois

Makeup primer, BB cream and a powder. These are the three new cosmetics by Bourjois from the Healthy Mix series. Their task is not only to create beautiful makeup but also condition the skin. See for yourself hat effects they give and what ingredients they contain.  Brightening primer  Thanks to the new primer from Bourjois your […]

Be FIT with Clinique! New cosmetics for physically active girls

If you often wonder whether you can improve the condition of your skin during training, Clinique will give you the answer to this question. For those of you how love working out and wish to look flawless at all times, CliniqueFIT Workout cosmetics have just appeared on the cosmetic market. Will the sportswomen love them? […]

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