Makeup primer, BB cream and a powder. These are the three new cosmetics by Bourjois from the Healthy Mix series. Their task is not only to create beautiful makeup but also condition the skin. See for yourself hat effects they give and what ingredients they contain. 

Brightening primer 

Thanks to the new primer from Bourjois your makeup will last long hours and most importantly – it will be perfect at all times. The new cosmetic from the Healthy Mix series smoothes out, reduces the visibility of skin pores and small wrinkles. What’s more, the product gives the effect of freshness and brightness. It contains vitamins A, C and B5, thanks to which the skin will become more beautiful, healthier and younger. One tube contains 20 ml of the product, which must be used within 18 months of opening.

Light BB cream

The Bourjois BB cream unifies skin tone, covers imperfections and signs of fatigue. It provides 24 hour moisturizing and nourishing thanks to the content of vitamins A, C, E and B5. BB cream is available in three shades that will match the complexion of all girls. One tube comes in the capacity of 30 ml. The shelf life of the cosmetic is one year from the first opening.

Healthy Mix powder

The compact pressed powder is another novelty of the Bourjois brand from the Health Mix series. The product mattifies, smoothes out and beautifies the skin. It prevents the skin from shining, masks imperfections and at the same time gives the skin natural illumination. It contains vitamins C, E and B5 that care for the complexion. The powder is available in four shades and must be used within 18 months after opening. It is enclosed in a plastic packaging in which, unfortunately, no mirrors have been placed.

Health Mix Cosmetics – summary

The new Bourjois Health Mix cosmetics can be used together or combined with products from other brands. The makeup primer, BB cream and powder have a light consistency favours fast and easy application. Also, the cosmetics allow you to create both a complete makeup and improve the condition of your complexion. Thanks to the content of vitamins, the products do not irritate and will be great for any type of skin.