Facial rounds, towels, special glove… These are just some of the gadgets used for make-up removal. Have you heard of washable cleansing rounds? If not, read the text below and see whether these are something for you.

How does it look like?

These are similar to standard facial rounds. Some of them are bigger or smaller, two-sided or one-sided, other have coloured stitching. Yes, you read it right. Washable cleansing rounds are made with fabric. Some of them have rough surface, other are soft and nice in touch.

Where to store them?

Choose for them place where the cleansing pads won’t be subjected to dust and other pollutions and you will be able to use them freely. Store them in a dry and airtight jar. Remember to wash the gadget on regular basis and about disinfecting it.

How should you use them?

Just as you do it with standard facial rounds. Almost… To remove make-up cosmetics you will need one or two cleansing rounds, which is way less than disposable facial rounds. Once you remove make-up, wash the cleansing pad and leave it to dry.

Are these useful?

Well, yes! Washable cleansing rounds with rough surface will deal with removing all the make-up cosmetics, including mascara, eye shadows and foundation. Facial rounds made with delicate fabric are great for removing thick and greasy cosmetics, like face mask.

Laundry time!

When all your washable cleansing rounds are messed, toss them all into the washing machine. Set short program; add some washing liquid for wool. After washing place them all on a towel to dry. Washable cleansing rounds you washed in the morning will be ready by the evening make-up removal.

Do these use up quickly?

That depends on how you take care of them. As it is not difficult to figure it out, the fastest to use up are the delicate rounds. After several months you will notice some signs of passing time and use. Conclusion? Washable cleansing rounds will serve you for a really long time!