Indeed, feet require special attention because they are rather damage-prone body parts. Why is that? Because every single day, for a considerable part of day, they carry the whole body mass of a human. The worst situation happens in winter when we wear warm socks and heavy boots – this leads to thick skin layer development. The bad news is that this thick skin layer (callused skin) causes serious skin damages, so it isn’t just an aesthetic issue. In order to prevent this, it’s suggested to apply a foot cream regularly. To find out which foot cream to choose for yourself, you need to learn types of the product first.

Types of foot creams

There are many kinds of foot creams. The most popular one is a moisturising foot cream that deals with dehydrated and callused skin problem of both heel and the entire planta. What’s interesting, a moisturising foot cream can be applied prophylactically in order to avoid the state requiring radical intervention. Although a moisturising cream is the most universal one and serves everyone equally well, you can also reach for a cream that aims at a particular problem. To illustrate, if you experence the problem of cold feet, you can give a go to a cream featuring hesperidin. The problem of chapped heels can be coped by a cream featuring vitamins A, E and F, which accelerate wound healing processes. This type of a cream softens skin. Additionally, owning to allantoin, aloe or panthenol, this type of a foot cream is able to soothe the skin. In turn, foot cream rich in antiseptic substances limits sweat production.

Regardless of the problem feet are experiencing and the type of a cream applied, it’s essential to use the products regularly, at least twice a day. Only then can you expect to obtain the looked-for outcomes.

Which foot cream to choose?

It would be better to buy products which content is natural; thanks to this, a cosmetic won’t irritate even the most sensitive and allergy-prone skin. While deciding which foot cream to choose, it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that when something is supposed to fulfil many tasks, it probably won’t focus on any problem in particular. In the light of this, sometimes it might be better to reach for a product that targets one problem only. Then, we can be sure that the formula of a certain product will deal with the problem we are trying to solve.