Do you live on restricted diets? You are losing weight but simultaneously you notice the hair falling out, your eyelashes getting weaker and growing short and considerably thinner? The fault lies with insufficient quantity of vitamins and nourishing substances delivered to your organism. In the light of this, it’s worth supplying the body with the very substances so as to prevent hair, lashes and fingernails form damages in this pursuit of slim build.

Adequate diet and vitamins

Hair, no matter if the long growing on head or the tiny ones growing on our eyelids, love vitamins. Thanks to these essential nutrients our hair is healthy and beautiful. Reinforcing hair from the inside is the most important element of conditioning. Which vitamins are the best for hair? It appears that there are a few of them. For example, B-group vitamins influence hair growth, vitamin E beautifies, vitamin H prevents hair loss, vitamin C facilitates collagen production. In order to improve the state of hair, both these tiny ones growing on eyelids as well as these longer growing on head, it’s worth drinking horsetail and nettle infusions. These plants are rich in many precious substances which are simply priceless when it comes to boosting our natural beauty. To clarify, horsetail and nettle feature silica, which is responsible for hair rebuilding processes, iodine, iron, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, phosphor, potassium as well as the following vitamins: B2, C and K. To sum up, daily drinking of infusions made of these plants gives a very strong and substantial support for eyelashes.

What else can you do for your eyelashes?

Eyelash serum is a perfect solution for everyone who is anxious about the state of their lashes and wants to regenerate them and make stronger. It’s a firm support for women who cut on some food products, it supplements action delivered by vitamins and, additionally, this beauty product was designed to accelerate hair growth. Another key point to mention, eyelash serum is a well-working treatment which has already helped regenerate lashes of many women (e.g. after undergoing false eyelash extension procedure, or when the natural eyelashes were badly affected by an antimicrobial therapy). Moreover, it’s worth realising that the best eyelash serums can be also used to regenerate eyebrows (e.g. after misfortunate eyebrow shaping). Thanks to eyelash serum, many women who were complaining about the state of their lashes for their entire life, can in a short period of time grow sky-high lashes. It can be stated that eyelash serum is a perfect, and very hard-working assistant of each diet.