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How to get beautiful eyelashes? Nanolash eyelash conditioner

Women often ask themselves: ‘How can I make my eyelashes beautiful?‘. As a consequence, they decide to take a risk and undergo various cosmetic therapies. Sometimes, these are non-complex but sometimes extremely expensive and even quite bizarre. Definitely, application of castor oil is perceived as one of the easiest, eyelash-beautifying solutions. Certainly, this method seems […]

Lipstick for the cheeks, eyeshadow for the brows… The unknown use of popular cosmetics

Who hasn’t happened to forget to buy a blusher though you run out of it a few days back? Or lost an eyebrow pencil and did not even notice the fact, or lent eyeshadows to the sister and never get them back? Probably, each one of us had a situation like this at least once. What […]

How to choose blusher? Application and types

Blusher imitates your natural blush. However, how should you choose the right one and how to apply it? What are the blusher types? The blusher – history Before professional blusher came to be, women used strawberries, raspberries, beets, and other plants, pinched their cheeks or applied (toxic) lead. Trends change and at some point blush […]

How to care for hair? Check out hair care must (and mustn’t) haves

Hair care products are flooding the cosmetic market so we – consumers (mostly female!) – flood our dressing tables, shelves, drawers, cabinets and whatnots with them. It’s hard not to give in to this madness. Are they all essentials? Do you really need them all? Which ones are useful and which ones prove completely useless? We […]

Nanobrow: The best eyebrow serum to save even incredibly thin brow hairs

Did you know that recently eyebrow and eyelash growth accelerating serums have become one of the most popular beauty products on the market? Demand for such cosmetics has been continuing uninterruptedly mainly because the effects of lash and brow boosting products go above and beyond most people’s expectations. Beautiful, long and sky-high eyelashes as well […]

Curly Girl Method – How to Care for Curly & Wavy Hair?

Curly and wavy hair requires intensive care. Curly Girl (CG) is one of the methods you can try. How to follow it in daily hair regimen and what effects to hope for? Check what you can do to make your hair soft, shiny and gorgeous-looking. What’s behind the CG idea? Curly Girl is a strict hair […]

New tattoo? Care, sunbathing and colour preservation

Body decorating was known for centuries, it took numerous forms and was used for various purposes. One of the present-day body decoration techniques is tattooing. To let it preserve its intensive colour, tattoo must be taken care of appropriately. How to take care of a tattoo? New Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts If you’ve just had […]

Hair damaged by flat iron. Is it possible to regenerate it?

Just in a few seconds flat iron allows you to take control over unruly and frizzy hair. It transforms curls into smooth sheet of hair but… at the same time, it ruins the strands. How to use flat iron without causing damage to hair? How to fix already-damaged hair due to high temperature? Women from […]

How to Use Herbs? Let Nature Improve Health & Enhance Beauty

Herbs have been known and used for medical and beauty purposes for a very long time. Today, they are said to be effective, natural products having various uses. If you’re looking for herbs to help you remedy acne or soothe irritations, read this article. How do herbs let people keep their good looks and health? […]

How to fix damaged hair? 10-step regeneration plan

It happens that due to the influence of various factors our hair gets weaker, starts breaking and falls out too excessively. Luckily, scissors aren’t the only solution to agree to. Do you know how to regenerate damaged hair and how to take care of it daily? There are numerous things that cause damage to hair. Although […]

Eyebrows make-up & care – check which mistakes you should avoid

Mistakes are inevitable part of our lives, even in make-up and care. Be it eyebrow shaping, tinting or make-up, there can be many problematic issues. Check what to avoid to have beautiful, neat and trendy eyebrows. 1. Why aren’t my eyebrows perfect? The biggest mistake that affects both your appearance and make-up is over-plucking. If […]

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