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Hits of the past year! Which beauty products got to the top of sales rank?

The past year was full of new arrivals. Lots of noteworthy products were launched yet some long-known jewels grew in popularity as well. What are the hottest beauty products of the past year? Discover hits you must have! It’s worthwhile to do a brief round-up at least once a year. The cosmetic market is changing […]

Mineral ingredients in skincare

Skincare implements various natural components such as mineral ingredients. These are safe for the skin, very effective and recommended to everyone no matter skin type, its condition, age or gender. Check out which mineral ingredients will be best for you. Mineral ingredients in cosmetics – what to choose? When it comes to skincare, next to the […]

Big Questions about Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an iconic skin care ingredient which is, at the same time, surrounded by numerous myths. Check out the vitamin-C must-know and answers to the most common questions asked by all who feel like adding it to their skin care routine. 1. What makes vitamin C so big? Vitamin C is one of […]

Nanobrow: The best eyebrow serum to save even incredibly thin brow hairs

Did you know that recently eyebrow and eyelash growth accelerating serums have become one of the most popular beauty products on the market? Demand for such cosmetics has been continuing uninterruptedly mainly because the effects of lash and brow boosting products go above and beyond most people’s expectations. Beautiful, long and sky-high eyelashes as well […]

Eyebrows make-up & care – check which mistakes you should avoid

Mistakes are inevitable part of our lives, even in make-up and care. Be it eyebrow shaping, tinting or make-up, there can be many problematic issues. Check what to avoid to have beautiful, neat and trendy eyebrows. 1. Why aren’t my eyebrows perfect? The biggest mistake that affects both your appearance and make-up is over-plucking. If […]

Semi-permanent eyebrow make-up: methods, procedure and effects

Semi-permanent make-up is one of the techniques of eyebrow make-up and care. More and more women are willing to try, praising the effects afterwards. If you also want to have beautiful eyebrows and save a lot of time in the morning, try semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. What is semi-permanent eyebrow make-up? Permanent make-up is an alternative […]

Eye makeup flaws. How NOT to do makeup

Probably you aren’t even aware of the number of fundamental mistakes you make while doing eye makeup. Which ones? Keep reading find this out and to avoid them consciously. Also, learn how to fix what seems to be unfixable in eye makeup. 1. Eyelid that is not ready for makeup Without appropriate and initial preparation, […]

Three newies of the Healthy Mix line from Bourjois

Makeup primer, BB cream and a powder. These are the three new cosmetics by Bourjois from the Healthy Mix series. Their task is not only to create beautiful makeup but also condition the skin. See for yourself hat effects they give and what ingredients they contain.  Brightening primer  Thanks to the new primer from Bourjois your […]

Be FIT with Clinique! New cosmetics for physically active girls

If you often wonder whether you can improve the condition of your skin during training, Clinique will give you the answer to this question. For those of you how love working out and wish to look flawless at all times, CliniqueFIT Workout cosmetics have just appeared on the cosmetic market. Will the sportswomen love them? […]

What Are The Differences Between BB, CC, And DD Creams?

BB cream has revolutionized the cosmetic market. However, for some time now, you can also encounter CC and DD creams. How do these cosmetics differ from their predecessor? What properties does BB, CC and DD cream have and what it is intended for? BB cream – properties BB cream is derived from Asia, where women […]

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