Dazzling with just a glance – it’s the dream of many women. It’s time to review the most popular eyelash treatments (both professional and at-home), which can bring us closer to achieving this goal.

There are many ways to enhance and emphasize eyelashes. In fact, it is a matter of personal preference, which path we want to take. Of course, the choice usually depends on various factors, for instance, the amount of money you are willing to pay and the effects you expect. Bear in mind that castor oil will not work as effectively for everyone and not all of you will be satisfied with eyelash extensions applied at the salon. 

Nevertheless, it worth getting to know all the options, to have a better view on them and take into account all the pros and cons. The selection is pretty wide. 

Henna eyelash tint – it’s a pretty good choice if your goal is to darken your natural lashes which are already thick and long by nature. The procedure can be done at a salon or in the comfort of your own home. 

Eyelash perm –  is also aimed at enhancing the natural beauty of your lashes, therefore, it is a good solution for those, who do not have short, thin and weak lashes. This is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to permanently curl the eyelashes, thanks to which it seems that there’s more of them. It’s a good alternative if you’re tired of using an eyelash curler.

Eyelash lift – it combines the two procedures together: lashes become darker, curled and revitalized.It can be done only at a salon because it requires the use of special products and curling lashes on tiny rollers. 

Eyelash extensions – it is an option for those who wish to have lengthened and thickened lashes to the maximum. In this case, the technician does not act on natural lashes, but attach false individual or cluster eyelashes to the natural ones. It is also a procedure performed in a beauty salon, which involves many dangers – improperly too frequently performed, contributes to the weakening and loss of eyelashes.

Eyelash serum – is definitely a better solution when it comes to the at-home methods. Using a high-quality eyelash serum is the best way not only to restore their health but also increase growth, improve thickness, elasticity and enhancing their natural colour. What’s more, you only need a few weeks of regular use to everything that is given by the above-mentioned eyelash treatments: darkening, curling, revitalization and extension. At the same time it is a completely natural treatment.

Natural oils – s an alternative version of natural conditioning treatments. The most popular oil recommended for eyelash care is castor oil, but you must know that the effects are much weaker than the results obtained with eyelash serums.