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Winter hair care – hair oiling

Winter is one of the most difficult seasons for hair. It has to survive in very low temperatures as well as dry and hot air emitted by radiators which deprive it of moisture. Additionally, the hair is stuffed under a hat that disturbs the sebum secretion on the scalp. How to make your hair pass this […]

Haircare Routine after Getting a Keratin Treatment. How to Do it? Should You Oil Your Hair?

Is your hair frizzy, static, damaged and brittle? Keratin smoothing treatment is made for you. It instantly enhances your hair appearance and condition. Still, it doesn’t mean you can give up on the daily hair care routine. How to care for hair after the keratin treatment? The right hair care routine after getting a keratin […]

L’Oreal Elseve. Magical Power of Essential Oils. Restorative elixir. Will it repair hair?

Is drying and straightening frequent treatments in your hair care? Or maybe you lighten hair or use dyes with ammonia? Hair dislike some beauty treatments. Bad impact on them have also stress, improper diet and medications. As a result hair lose gloss, become weaken, damaged and start to fall out. The rescue for them can […]

Basic Hair Care Rules – Hair Lover’s Guide

There are five fundamental haircare rules. They’re worth following, giving you the one and only effective path that leads you towards healthy and beautiful hair. Do you know how to care for hair? Who told you that hair care must be tiring and time-consuming? Devoting a bit more time to your hair from time to […]

What Does Your Hair Need? Going Back to the Natural Care Methods

Every hairdo has different needs. An egg mask is going to bring amazing effects for some women whereas it’s going to trigger frizz in others. Not everyone needs proteins. You should devote a moment to your hair. Find out what problems and needs it has. Natural haircare methods make the best solution if you know […]

Step By Step Hair Oiling – 2 Best Methods

Hair oil treatment has become highly popular recently. Not only among vloggers, bloggers and hair maniacs but among make-up artists, hairdressers. Oiling makes your hair beautiful, bouncy and healthy as well as fully repaired and luminous. Natural oils are able to nourish hair from within – from hair bulbs. As a result, hair gets as […]

Remedy for skin and hair problems: Argan Oil

When struggling with skin and hair problems, women tend to reach for natural remedies. They see hope in one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients in the recent months. This is nothing else but Argan oil. Is it a real deal-maker?  The original Argan oil is also referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco […]

Hair Repair Action | How to Care for Damaged Hair? Which Oils to Choose?

Is your hair damaged and you don’t know how to bring its amazing looks back? Smoothing with silicones and saving the hairdo with styling products won’t bring any good. You must rebuild weak hair from within. How to condition damaged hair? Start the Hair Repair Action! The most common causes of hair damage: too much […]

highlighting foam strips

Comfortable, Fast And Eco-Friendly – Modern Hair Colouring With Highlighting Foam Strips

Comfortable, Fast And Eco-Friendly – Modern Hair Colouring With Highlighting Foam Strips Time for a change in your hair salon! Highlighting Foam Strips can upgrade your colouring skills and enable creating striking, multi-tonal styles. Get a head start with foam strips by Color Cuts and enter the world of modern hairdressing. What are Highlighting Foam Strips? Highlighting Foam […]

Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair. Ranking of Products [TOP 5]

Fine, fragile hair is particularly vulnerable to all kinds of injuries, including thermal damage from hot styling tools: dryer, curler or flat-iron. On the one hand, we must shield it from extreme temps. On the other hand, it needs nourishment without weighing down. Which products are best for this purpose? Read our round-up of top […]

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