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How to Help Hair Survive Summer? UV Filters, Photosensitizing Herbs and Henna

In the summer we shouldn’t only focus on protecting our skin. It must be realized that the sun doesn’t always work for the benefit of our hair either. If you want to prevent your strands from being badly affected by the sun, find out which methods to adopt in order to keep you hair healthy […]

Semi-finished goods in hair care: Do we need them? How to combine them?

In order to succeed delivering the proper care to hair, we have to reach for more cosmetics than just a shampoo and a conditioner. Frequently, we simply have to roll our sleeves up and deal with the hair issues on our own terms. In this case, SFG (semi-finished goods) seems to serve this purpose. Thanks […]

Micelle: A ‘Crumb’ of Beauty in Micellar Shampoos. How Can It Change Your Hair?

Micelle, a word deriving from Latin mica standing for ‘crumb’, is recognized as one of the most potent flecks in the cosmetic industry. Indeed, micellar lotion has changed everything which we had known about make-up removal. Now the time for micellar shampoo has come. Is its action delivered to hair equally impressive? Why, how and […]

Homemade natural hair cosmetic [DIY]

Natural means that is, without chemical compounds, silicones, parabens, oil derivatives. Such products are gentle to the skin and at the same time are strongly beautifying and regenerating. Home cosmetics are the perfect way for your hair to regain its vigor, shine, and vitality. Their preparation is not difficult and can give you a lot of satisfaction. […]

Something for Ginger Heads! How to Help Red Hair Colour Stay True for Long?

Did you know that ginger is the least common colour of human hair? It’s still recognized as original and beautiful. If you also belong to the red-headed group then you are probably aware of how to take care of such fiery strands. However, if you aren’t sure whether or not you condition your red hair […]

Short hairdos not only for men. Trendy short haircuts perfect for women

Finally we have summer! Scorching heat, air warmed up thanks to the sun rays, no cloud on the sky. Girls with long hair need to look for various, sometimes weird, solutions to shield themselves from the heat. Therefore, they plait complicated hairdos or buns. In a way better situation happen to be girls whose hair […]

Beautiful hair according to Kardashians: Black Seed Oil by Kardashian Beauty

Do you wonder about what is the best way to beautiful hair? What is more, you want to use best cosmetics? Try Black Seed Oil Collection by Kardashian Beauty. There are: conditioner, hair mask, hair mist and hair serum. You must try it. The conditioner in Black Seed Oil collection has regenerating and moisturising properties. […]

How to regenerate hair after winter?

Dry, matte and weak. Is this how your hair look like after winter? If yes, it is time to meet ways to regenerate your scalp. These methods are easy, while at the same time provide sensational and immediate effects. Meet them all. Why do hair and scalp condition worsen? Undoubtedly, it has something to do […]

Hair Shampoo And Its Career Path

Hair is every woman’s weakness – a kind of a weak spot, an indicator or attractiveness, peculiar attribute that defines femininity. It’s easy to see how hair is important to females just by observing them choosing a shampoo. Rarely it is the ‘Enter, Take, Leave’ mission. Actually, a woman has to get enough time in […]

Hair care mistakes to avoid

Every woman desires healthy and beautiful hair. Sadly, only some of us are those lucky ones. Check which mistakes to avoid and how to properly take care of hair. Here is the list of the biggest beauty sins that you must avoid like the plague. Mistake 1: improper use of masks and conditioners Using a […]

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