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Things You Must Know Before Getting Semi-Permanent Make-Up Done!

Semi-permanent make-up isn’t the invention of our times. Apparently, women in China had tattoos on their eyes and brows over 2000 years ago. Is semi-permanent make-up a tattoo? What should you know before getting it done? See top questions about permanent make-up. Is this make-up or a tattoo? If make-up is done incorrectly – the […]

TOP 3 foundations that make your skin Instagram filter worthy

Do you dream of flawless skin? The most important is skincare, the second is obviously a good foundation. Did you know that your foundation can also have beautifying properties? Check out which foundations are on the top best list. As it turns out they don’t have to cost a small fortune. TOP foundations: flawless skin […]

Lipstick for the cheeks, eyeshadow for the brows… The unknown use of popular cosmetics

Who hasn’t happened to forget to buy a blusher though you run out of it a few days back? Or lost an eyebrow pencil and did not even notice the fact, or lent eyeshadows to the sister and never get them back? Probably, each one of us had a situation like this at least once. What […]

How to choose blusher? Application and types

Blusher imitates your natural blush. However, how should you choose the right one and how to apply it? What are the blusher types? The blusher – history Before professional blusher came to be, women used strawberries, raspberries, beets, and other plants, pinched their cheeks or applied (toxic) lead. Trends change and at some point blush […]

Eyebrows make-up & care – check which mistakes you should avoid

Mistakes are inevitable part of our lives, even in make-up and care. Be it eyebrow shaping, tinting or make-up, there can be many problematic issues. Check what to avoid to have beautiful, neat and trendy eyebrows. 1. Why aren’t my eyebrows perfect? The biggest mistake that affects both your appearance and make-up is over-plucking. If […]

Semi-permanent eyebrow make-up: methods, procedure and effects

Semi-permanent make-up is one of the techniques of eyebrow make-up and care. More and more women are willing to try, praising the effects afterwards. If you also want to have beautiful eyebrows and save a lot of time in the morning, try semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. What is semi-permanent eyebrow make-up? Permanent make-up is an alternative […]

Eye makeup flaws. How NOT to do makeup

Probably you aren’t even aware of the number of fundamental mistakes you make while doing eye makeup. Which ones? Keep reading find this out and to avoid them consciously. Also, learn how to fix what seems to be unfixable in eye makeup. 1. Eyelid that is not ready for makeup Without appropriate and initial preparation, […]

Washable cleansing rounds – Is it working?

Facial rounds, towels, special glove… These are just some of the gadgets used for make-up removal. Have you heard of washable cleansing rounds? If not, read the text below and see whether these are something for you. How does it look like? These are similar to standard facial rounds. Some of them are bigger or […]

Dior for Spring 2017: Colour Gradation

Despite winter not being over yet, Dior knows what is the make-up we will wear this spring. The famous brand just introduced newest cosmetics in Colour Gradation Collection. Among them are quadruple eye shadows, Couture Nuance. Dior holds in its offer two eye shadow palettes: 001 Blue Gradation and 002 Coral Gradation. In each of […]

Luminous Silk Foundation

Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani

Quite recently, fashion designers has started to create their own cosmetic collections. We are flooded with, for example, fragrances signed by actresses, shampoos with models’ seal of approval, and now, we can buy Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani. Let us examine, whether this trend appears to be legitimate. To start with, what is this […]

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