In general, there is not a big difference between eyelashes and hair growing on the head. Eyelashes are shorter, fall out more often, have different functions but require similarly intense treatment. Homemade methods will help you maintain their growth potential and natural beauty. 

Appling layers of mascara every morning, rubbing with cotton pads every evening as well as using waterproof cosmetics or too many of them in general. Those seem like innocent actions, but in fact are a danger to our lashes. They result in clogged pores, irritations leading to inflammations, or even lash loss due to weaken bulbs.

What to do, to make lashes longer and thicker? First of all, you should start by eliminating harmful factors, such as lash extensions or using out-of-date cosmetics. Always make sure to use proven and tested cosmetics to the delicate eye area, enriched with natural substances. Below, you will find other methods of taking proper care of your eyelashes.

Homemade methods to reinforce eyelashes 

  1. The main solution is to take care of proper nourishment from within. That is the reason why it is worth introducing necessary products full of nutritional value into the meals. A well-balanced diet should include eating: apples, green vegetables, eggs, meat and fish. Of course, you can supplement it with zinc, silicon and high-protein products.
  2. The second brilliant idea to obtain long and thick eyelashes involves oils. It turns out that oiling can be done not only when it comes to hair care! Eyelash oiling is a traditional method of improving their condition. You can use Olive oil or Castor oil, you can use them separately or you can combine them. A blend of 1:1 ration of both oils is to be applied to the lash line on a daily basis. You might use an old, but clean mascara wand to make the application faster and easier. The oil mix will be absorbed and it will strengthen, nourish and protect the hair from within.

Reinforcing and growth enhancing serum 

What is the most reliable way, apart from homemade methods, to reinforce and enhance the growth of your eyelashes? It is nothing else but an eyelash serum. A well-composed and weightless product is much better absorbed and provides a more precise action. It not only strengthens the bulbs but also nourishes and balances the level of hydration. If you use the eyelash serum on a daily basis, and you follow the rules of application, such product is able to regenerate lashes, thicken them and increase their length. It enhances lash growth and improves the condition because it often contains the following ingredients:

  • growth stimulating proteins, peptides, etc.,
  • nutritional vitamin E,
  • essential minerals (zinc and silicon),
  • plant extracts, for example, Eyebright extract,
  • natural oils.