Hair oil treatment has become highly popular recently. Not only among vloggers, bloggers and hair maniacs but among make-up artists, hairdressers. Oiling makes your hair beautiful, bouncy and healthy as well as fully repaired and luminous. Natural oils are able to nourish hair from within – from hair bulbs. As a result, hair gets as beautiful as it has never been before. You should oil your hair regularly and in a defined way. There are lots of different hair oiling methods, ranging from the easy ones (apply an oil to dry hair ends as a serum) to the complicated and tiresome techniques. However, you get the best effects when you oil both your hair and scalp – the only way to deeply rebuild hair. Here are two best hair oiling methods:

1. Oiling dry hair and scalp

So-called dry hair oil treatment. It involves applying a hair oil to dry hair and scalp. Preferably, do it step by step: make small partings all over your head and apply the oil along them. You must remember that oils like the massage – it increases blood circulation to the scalp and enhances the absorption of the oil. More or less 5-10 ml (a tablespoon) should be enough for one hair and scalp oil treatment.

You must keep the oil on your hair and scalp for minimum one hour. You can leave it in overnight and wash off in the morning with a mild shampoo. The longer the oil stays on your hair, the better.

2. Oiling wet hair and scalp

So-called wet hair oil treatment. The first step in wet hair oiling is washing the hair and scalp thoroughly to get rid of sebum, toxins, dust and cosmetic build-up. The second step involves applying an oil to damp hair and the whole scalp. The oil must ‘lie’ in hair for about 30-60 minutes. Later on, it starts working in a different way because the hair dries whereas cuticle scales close and do not absorb the oil as good as damp hair. Next, you wash the oil away using a delicate shampoo and style your hairdo as usual.