Eyelashes are one of the feminine attributes (right next to beautiful hair and well-kept hands), that must the taken care of. What to do to have the perfect lashes? False eyelashes are always able to compensate natural deficiencies. Luckily, there are other reliable methods to achieve the stunning looks you have always dreamt of. 

We know what they look like. We know how to take care of them (at least to some extent). However, do we even know what is their main function? Eyelashes have not been placed on our eyelids by chance. For us, they are mostly an enhancement that makes our eyes look emphasized and even more stunning. However, Mother Nature bestowed us with eyelashes for a totally different reason. Healthy eyelashes:

  • provide proper air-flow and protect the eyes from overdrying,
  • stop duct, dirt, insects and other pollutants from getting into the eyes,
  • receive stimuli from the outside, so that the eyelid can effectively protect the eyes.

If there were no lashes on the eyelid, our eyes would be left without protection and it would be easier to irritate them or even cause severe damage. Due to the fact that eyelashes protect our eyesight day and night, it is worth devoting some time for their proper care during our daily beauty routines.

What is the ideal length?

Usually, the length of our lashes does not exceed 1 cm, however, you might encounter exceptions to this rule. Nevertheless, all information about the length, shape and thickness of our lashes is stored in our genotype, therefore, the values can differ for other people. In general, it is said that perfect eyelashes should be 1/3 the width of the eye. Everything depends on how big they are. Proportions are actually the key to beautiful looks so we should keep that in mind (especially when looking for false eyelashes).

How to ensure the ideal length of your eyelashes?

The potential for lash growth can be increased through proper treatment. That is why it is worth looking for a concentrated and natural lash serum that will work from within. Such products moisturise, strengthen, thicken and stimulate lashes to grow longer. The last property is especially valued by women. The biggest advantage of lash enhancers is the fact that they adjust to the growth cycle of our lashes instead of interfering it. In practice, it means that they improve lashes natural growth, this way they can reach the maximum length and thickness that was given by nature. However, it is extremely crucial to choose the best lash serum and use it regularly.