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Face Cleansing – Step-by-Step Routine for a Radiant & Healthy Skin

It seems to be a child’s play… … but, living a busy life, do we cleanse the face skin the right way? Most women just wipe the skin with some micellar water to take makeup off and taps a cream on… that’s the end of the skin routine. What should face cleansing look like? Why […]

Enhance Your Beauty. What Are Skin & Hair Benefits of Oils?

There are lots of beauty benefits of natural oils. These substances deliver hydration, elasticity, shine, softness and sun protection. Does the regular use of oils pay off? How can you benefit? Publications about the uses of oils keep appearing, shedding new light on the everyday beauty-care possibilities. Thanks to them, we can moisturise the skin […]

How Aloe Vera Gel Works? Beauty Benefits of Aloe

Aloe vera gel is an immensely popular, natural skin and hair care product which has lots of beauty benefits, including the soothing, regenerating and moisturising effect. What other properties does Aloe gel have and how it works on hair and skin? Where to buy Aloe gel and can you drink it? Are there any contraindications […]

What are the properties and effects of ferulic acid

Discoloration, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and other imperfections are many women’s nightmare. If you have similar problems, then you should try out a cosmetology treatment with the use of ferulic acid. Will it help your skin? See for yourself!  Ferulic acid – what is it? Ferulic acid is a cinnamic acid derivative that dissolves in water and ethanol. In […]

8 Winter Beauty Care Rules

Freezing cold, snow, frosty air are merciless towards the skin… In winter, you end up with hair damage, skin irritation, weak lashes and brows. How can you save yourself from both the freeze outside and central heating indoors? 8 Winter Hair & Skin Care Rules 1. Turn the radiator down Yes, warmth is nice. However, […]

How to choose the right night face cream?

The composition of a night cream for face care differs from the creams that are intended for day use. The former contains a higher concentration of nutrients, it is much denser and devoid of a UV filter. In addition, the night-time face cream will be thicker than day cream due to the lower water content […]

A face cream that actually works. How to choose the right cosmetic for your skin type?

The cream is a basic cosmetic for the face used by both women and men. Do you know that it is ineffective if it does not match our skin type?! The first and the most important rule of skincare says that there is no universal cosmetics. Each of us must carefully observe their own skin […]

Glitter hair – the hit of this year’s New Year’s Eve party?

Stylists have been saying for months that this year glitter would dominate on the New Year’s Eve balls – on the eyelids, nails, and even on the eyebrows and hair. How to apply a bit of glitter on your hair so that you look beautiful and smart? Get to know the glitter hair. Just like […]

Hybrid manicure – what is it and how to use it?

Hybrid manicure is very popular. Most women fall in love with it because of its durability, resistance and multitude of colours. If you have a knack for painting nails, you can do this manicure at home. If not, check what exactly it is and how to use it. Hybrid nail polish – what is it? […]

Coconut oil a remedy for everything! Care, treatment and use in the kitchen

Did you know that coconut oil is the healthiest oil in the world? It has a wide range of applications in the kitchen as well as in cosmetics and dietetics. Due to the variety of properties and effective action, it is used by many people. How will you use it? Coconut oil in the kitchen Thanks […]

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