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how to use lash extension

Fabulous Lashes in a Flash? Check Out At-Home Lash Extensions – Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions

Beautiful lashes – full, long and curled – are what many women dream of. However, not many can pride themselves on having a perfect fan, which is why they reach out for tons of tools and cosmetics that are supposed to give them the desired effect. How will DIY lash extensions let you achieve the […]

Diet for beautiful lashes. How and what to nourish the tiny hair with?

Do you live on restricted diets? You are losing weight but simultaneously you notice the hair falling out, your eyelashes getting weaker and growing short and considerably thinner? The fault lies with insufficient quantity of vitamins and nourishing substances delivered to your organism. In the light of this, it’s worth supplying the body with the […]

How to Care for Lashes? The Best Daily Care Products

Eyelash breakage and a poor condition is a common problem. Many women complain about weak, thin and brittle lashes. Neither expensive mascara nor eyelash extensions help. Eyelash care products are the last resort. Which ones are worth having? With the right cosmetics, we can get longer and fuller lashes as well as keep them healthy. […]

How to deepen natural colour – eyelash tinting

Beautiful and defined eyelashes can be obtained mainly through thickening and darkening. How to deepen natural eyelash colour? There are at least a few tremendous methods of eyelash tinting. Exaggerate your look your own way! In general, natural lashes are often thin, short and not very noticeable (although, there are exceptions!). Unfortunately, a majority of women […]

How to Apply Mascara? Discover the Tricks of Pro Make-Up Artists

Applying a mascara is the last make-up stage. Without defined lashes, eyes look vague, therefore a mascara is the key beauty product for most women. We use it every single day. Do we apply it the right way, though? Coating lashes with a mascara seems to be nothing hard. A good mascara and a few […]

The most reliable methods for long and thick lashes

In general, there is not a big difference between eyelashes and hair growing on the head. Eyelashes are shorter, fall out more often, have different functions but require similarly intense treatment. Homemade methods will help you maintain their growth potential and natural beauty.  Appling layers of mascara every morning, rubbing with cotton pads every evening as […]

5 Treatments for Stronger Nails. You Must Know Them!

Are you struggling with brittle, fragile nails? There are lots of possible causes but we can handle them all easily. All you need is 5 remedies for stronger nails. They are natural, easy to use, and they really work. We often downplay the nail care, not paying much attention to the importance of nourishing, moisturising […]

How to Care for Nails? 5 Key Rules to Remember!

How to keep the nails in perfect condition? This question bothers many girls. There are plenty of ways for making the nails stronger, more resilient, and longer. We lead you through 5 never-failing rules to follow. Shineless, brittle, very delicate – there are various problems with nails but they’re usually caused by the same thing: […]

Avocado in skin care. Use its… pit!

Almost everybody has heard that avocado offers as many as 7 vitamins and has plenty of health benefits. This shouldn’t be surprising. Not everyone though knows that apart from the oil and flesh, we can use its pit! How? What are avocado pit benefits? Avocado is a powerful fruit. It’s worth not only to eat […]

Baking soda: enhance your beauty with a brilliant, budget-friendly product!

Baking soda is a perfect ingredient you can use for the home beauty treatments. So, instead of making another high-calorie cake, take baking soda to the bathroom! Let us share some marvelous treatments you can magic up. See the best recipes for exceptional baking soda beauty products. Honey & baking soda to enhance the skin This […]

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