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Baking soda: enhance your beauty with a brilliant, budget-friendly product!

Baking soda is a perfect ingredient you can use for the home beauty treatments. So, instead of making another high-calorie cake, take baking soda to the bathroom! Let us share some marvelous treatments you can magic up. See the best recipes for exceptional baking soda beauty products. Honey & baking soda to enhance the skin This […]

5 ways to keep nails healthy and strong!

Hands down healthy nails are our must-haves. They look better and give more possibilities as far as manicure goes. What can you do when your nails are brittle, thin and fragile? Make them stronger using one of these five simple, home remedies. Nail breakage and splitting is a very common problem that many of us […]

Facts & myths on skin cancer

Melanoma is a malignant skin cancer which occurs in melanin-producing cells. It usually affects the skin but may also appear in the nasal mucosa, lips and eyeballs, and rarely in the digestive or lymphatic system. Let’s check the must-know information on melanoma. Should we have melanoma and other skin lesions removed? We should, or even […]

Try Ayurvedic skin care for one day!

If you’re into Ayurveda and want to start beauty care in line with its principles, why don’t you first test it for one day? Find out how to care for the body both in the morning and nighttime routine according to Ayurveda. Morning skin care After waking up, get started with tooth and tongue brushing. […]

New tattoo? Care, sunbathing and colour preservation

Body decorating was known for centuries, it took numerous forms and was used for various purposes. One of the present-day body decoration techniques is tattooing. To let it preserve its intensive colour, tattoo must be taken care of appropriately. How to take care of a tattoo? New Tattoo Do’s and Don’ts If you’ve just had […]

How to Use Herbs? Let Nature Improve Health & Enhance Beauty

Herbs have been known and used for medical and beauty purposes for a very long time. Today, they are said to be effective, natural products having various uses. If you’re looking for herbs to help you remedy acne or soothe irritations, read this article. How do herbs let people keep their good looks and health? […]

Ways to have stunning lips. How to reshape and make lips plumper

Not every woman has beautiful, full-looking lips. Some of them acquiesce to this imperfection, whereas the others refuse to accept it. The latter group of ladies may turn to lipoinjection, artecoll lip augmentation, aquamid injection, goretex lip implants and lip surgery. How each of the methods look like and which one to choose? Here are […]

Natural vs traditional cosmetics. Which ones are better?

Since the field of cosmetology began to develop, many cosmetics with natural ingredients found their way to the stores. Does this mean that traditional care and make-up products will no longer be used? No way! However, many people consider natural cosmetics as much better than traditional ones. Are they right? Let’s check it. What are […]

What is Shea Butter? Qualities & Uses

Lots of natural ingredients are common in skin and hair care. Shea butter is one of them. Naturally extracted and properly used, it has lots of healthful properties. The diversity of vitamins and minerals brings immediate effects. Check what you can expect from cosmetic Shea butter. What is Shea butter? Shea butter, also known as […]

How to Save Money on Cosmetics? Try the Zero Waste Approach!

Considering the prices of some beauty products, we should learn how to make them longest-lasting. Is it at all possible? It is, actually. You just need to change a few habits. The brand ensures that the product lasts for six months but you used it up after a month? It is a common problem which […]

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