Eyelash breakage and a poor condition is a common problem. Many women complain about weak, thin and brittle lashes. Neither expensive mascara nor eyelash extensions help. Eyelash care products are the last resort. Which ones are worth having?

With the right cosmetics, we can get longer and fuller lashes as well as keep them healthy. Still, the choice of products isn’t as easy as it seems. Why?

Eyelashes are the most fragile of our hair. Their structure is the same but their growth cycle is shorter and it’s easier to destroy them. An improper makeup remover, unfresh mascara or too harsh makeup removal will do. Even a lash curler, which is supposed to give a nice lift and curl, may leave your lashes broken and deformed. That is why the choice of lash care products isn’t at all easy. If the application and ingredients are inappropriate, the situation gets even worse.

Here is a list of most popular eyelash care products. Check the most effective cosmetics and find out how to pick the right one.

Oils for eyelash growth

Castor oil is mostly recommended. Many cosmetic brands offer oils for lashes. It isn’t the best solution because the greasy and heavy formula weighs lashes down, absorbing slowly and making makeup harder. If you really want to enhance your lashes with oils, search for lash serums containing oils.

Eyelash serum

A concentrated serum is the most popular cosmetic that we go for to care for eyelashes. If a serum’s composition is simple, including plant extracts, vitamins and growth-stimulating substances – it makes the best choice. Lash enhancers are easy to apply – you simply spread a fast-absorbing serum to the lash base and wait for several seconds. The treatment lasts for a few months but you’re going to see first effects after just a few weeks. Natural and long-lasting results.


Mascara can work as a lash care product, too. To works this way, it must contain a set of nutrients – these can be vitamins, minerals, oils or plant extracts. Thanks to the sorption of lashes (the ability to absorb conditioning substances), eyelashes are nourished all the time when you have a mascara on.