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Cosmetic argan oil – hair regeneration straight from Morocco

Argan oil is called liquid gold of Morocco. How did it deserve such a noble name? Why, despite the multitude of various natural oils, this one holds the gold medal of care? What are the opinions, how to apply it to hair and – most importantly – which is worth recommending? We present a handful of […]

How to take control of oily summer skin?

Hands up if you are also bothered by the oily summer skin! If your face looks as if you used butter instead of a moisturizer two hours after applying make-up, we offer a solution. See how to take control of oily summer skin! How to control the shine? Use a good mattifying foundation This is […]

Popping pimples? Use home remedies instead!

Unlike acne, a single pimple that occurs from time to time can be treated with home remedies. Popping is common yet ineffective – this way of removing the pimple may result in the appearance of dark spots and scars. What are the best home remedies for pimples then? Home remedies for pimples Garlic compress to […]

4 big skin-care mistakes that give you face wrinkles

We often use plenty of different products and treatments to preserve the healthy and young appearance of the skin. Still, we make skin-care mistakes as often, not even realizing that. What should you pay attention to while perfecting your skin? We present 4 major face-care mistakes that make the skin age faster. 1. You remove make-up all […]

Vitamin C Face Serum. The finest skincare products for your 20s, 30s and 40s

Most of us associate vitamin C face serum mainly with a skincare product that deals with pigmentation spots only. However, this product offers far more than that! It can’t be denied, a good vitamin C face serum plays an important role in improving skin appearance. Apart from erasing discolorations, this product is able to successfully […]

Dry body brushing. Does it make any sense?

Can you turn day-to-day body care into a pleasurable ritual? It’s possible if you turn to body brushing. Do you know the benefits of body brushing and why it makes a good pick? Hands down everybody knows about the benefits of massage. It stimulates flow of blood and lymph, smoothes out and adds elasticity to […]

Flaky skin. The best methods to deal with dry skin!

There are days, weeks or even months when our skin is extremely dry and face becomes decorated with awful flaky skin. It is a symptom of many possible reasons. Why do you get peeling skin on your face and how to get rid of it? Meet the best ways to fight off dry skin. It […]

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