A significant number of women who decide to have eyelash extensions done is not aware of the restrictions that come along later on. As it turns out false eyelashes require a totally different care. If you want to enjoy your lash extensions for longer, you must obey the rules. 

First of all, before you book your appointment at the salon, you must be informed about all the contraindications (there are quite a few). Next, if you qualify for the procedure, then you must gain the knowledge on how to maintain them in shape. It is necessary that the beautician advises you on how to behave couple days after the extensions are done and how to prolong the effects.

The first 24 hours 

This period of time is crucial and probably the weirdest. That is also the time when most permanent damages can be done. You must remember not to touch, rub, pull your lashes and eyelids. That’s not all. You cannot take a shower, use a tanning bed, go to a swimming pool, use any cosmetics in the eye area, brush through or touch your lashes. Applying make-up in the first 24 hours is strictly forbidden. You must follow the rules to allow the glue to dry completely and prevent the lashes from deforming.

 After 48 hours 

After this period of time, you can finally apply make-up and water is no longer a threat. However, bear in mind that it does not mean that they can be treated the same way as natural lashes. Eyelash extensions still require gentle care to last as long as possible.

How to take care of eyelash extensions? You ought to:

  • do a very light make-up
  • avoid using cotton pads and other cloths with fibres
  • limit the use of oil-based products,
  • give up on using waterproof mascaras and eyeliners,
  • completely stop using lash curlers or lash perms.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that after the procedure, lashes might require combing. You do not have to do it regularly, but no less than every two days. Combing through lash extensions prevents tangling and breaking, for example during sleep. You can do it after a gentle make-up removal (you must be careful not to affect the natural lashes, to do that you can use a clean eyeshadow applicator and an oil-free cosmetic). By brushing, you will also get rid of any cosmetic remains.

After three weeks

Unfortunately, eyelash care after having lash extensions done involves regular visits to the salon for a touch-up. What does it mean? Well, even after taking an extreme care of your lash extensions, the lashes will still fall out. Why? Every single false lash is attached to a natural lash that grows in a cycle. Once they reach the last stage of growth, they fall out and it is a completely natural process. No worries, new lashes start growing in the same place. Nevertheless, lash extensions will never be a long-lasting or permanent procedure and many women decide to go for an alternative solution that is using eyelash serums.