Applying a mascara is the last make-up stage. Without defined lashes, eyes look vague, therefore a mascara is the key beauty product for most women. We use it every single day. Do we apply it the right way, though?

Coating lashes with a mascara seems to be nothing hard. A good mascara and a few minutes are enough to enhance the eyes. Too bad, we rarely make the best out of the product’s properties and benefits. We simply don’t know how to use it the right way. After all, the lashes are like a make-up cherry on top. They affect the final image.

Here are the must-know make-up rules that every woman should learn if she wants a flawless appearance and mysterious look.

  1. Make sure your lashes don’t stay in contact with skincare products (under-eye creams, face serums). The greasy formula may stay on the lashes, making the mascara wear off quickly. If you accidentally smudge them with a skincare cosmetic, just soak a cotton pad in a face toner and wipe the eyelashes.
  2. Regularly apply eyelash serums. The best ones, which are composed of concentrated nourishing, reinforcing and growth-boosting substances, effectively prime the lashes for the mascara application. Longer, fuller and more elastic eyelashes are easier to coat, and often look amazing without the mascara. Lash conditioners make a common alternative to extensions because nothing looks as stunning as natural beautiful eyelashes.
  3. Remember to choose suitable mascaras. Waterproof products are much heavier so if you don’t have to use them, go for regular mascaras. Replacing mascaras every three months affects the effects, too. After that time, they lose their qualities and may cause irritations.
  4. Always start coating the lashes at their base. Enhancing the lash line matters the most so press the wand to the roots of lashes first. Then, move on to the tips, combing the eyelashes precisely. In this way, you get better definition because the mascara darkens throughout their length and gives incredible separation.
  5. Reduce the amount you apply. Theoretically, you can apply endless layers of a mascara yet lashes start looking like spider legs with the fourth coat. In reality, a good mascara should be able to deliver a nice coating, curl, length and volume after applying three layers tops. Too much of the product leads to flaking and smudging.
  6. Before applying a mascara, feel free to gently powder the lashes. Dusting them with a powder lets you boost the lash volume, length and thickness. Obviously, the quantity must be minimal to work as a mascara primer.