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TOP 6 Brow Soaps – Check Out Our Picks And Choose The Best One For Yourself!

The soap brow trend is still very popular all over the world. It’s a way of styling your eyebrows with a spoolie and a special brow soap. It leaves the brows looking voluminous and brushed up in a few moments effortlessly, without creating an exaggerated effect. If you value a natural brow look, easy application, and […]

XLASH – Natural eyelash and eyebrow serum

The outbreak of the revolution concerning eyelash care started together with introducing the first serums stimulating lash growth. One of such cosmetics, which managed to replace relatively effective home methods such as castor oil, is Xlash. What does it include and how does it work? Make-up applied daily, wearing false eyelash extensions and even adverse […]

microblading pen nanobrow

Nanobrow Microblading Pen – brow microblading without leaving the house!

Microblading is one of the forms of permanent makeup. It’s recommended for those who need to style and shape their eyebrows from scratch every morning. Did you know that this effect can be achieved at home? Get to know¬†Nanobrow Microblading Pen! It guarantees microblading-like makeup. The product is revolutionary and it’s taken over the beauty […]

A precision brow makeup pencil

An ideal brow makeup product? Meet Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil!

Is there a trustworthy way to perfect eyebrow enhancement without the need to visit a beauty salon? How to get rid of unaesthetic sparse areas and get a several-hour-long performance? Which brow pencil should you choose to be confident you’re ensured spectacular results? Is it even possible to do if you’re not a professional makeup artist? […]

Things You Must Know Before Getting Semi-Permanent Make-Up Done!

Semi-permanent make-up isn’t the invention of our times. Apparently, women in China had tattoos on their eyes and brows over 2000 years ago. Is semi-permanent make-up a tattoo? What should you know before getting it done? See top questions about permanent make-up. Is this make-up or a tattoo? If make-up is done incorrectly – the […]

nanobrow eyebrow styling soap

Soap Brows: trendy brow makeup using only one product. Get to know Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap

Surely you have encountered the term “soap brows” before while surfing the internet. It means brows styled with the use of soap, and although it appears to be a new technique for brow styling, it has been around for a long time. It gained popularity among Hollywood actresses who have discovered that the soap is a […]

TOP 3 foundations that make your skin Instagram filter worthy

Do you dream of flawless skin? The most important is skincare, the second is obviously a good foundation. Did you know that your foundation can also have beautifying properties? Check out which foundations are on the top best list. As it turns out they don’t have to cost a small fortune. TOP foundations: flawless skin […]

TOP 5 Brow Pens – Which One Is The Best? [RANKING]

TOP 5 Brow Pens – Which One Is The Best? [RANKING]Brow pens are perfect for creating precise brow makeup. Which one is the best and to make your arches look like you’ve always dreamed of? We’ve rounded up the best eyebrow pens which ensure you get stunning results. If you want to choose the best […]

Lipstick for the cheeks, eyeshadow for the brows… The unknown use of popular cosmetics

Who hasn’t happened to forget to buy a blusher though you run out of it a few days back? Or¬†lost an eyebrow pencil and did not even notice the fact, or lent eyeshadows to the sister and never get them back? Probably, each one of us had a situation like this at least once. What […]

How to choose blusher? Application and types

Blusher imitates your natural blush. However, how should you choose the right one and how to apply it? What are the blusher types? The blusher – history Before professional blusher came to be, women used strawberries, raspberries, beets, and other plants, pinched their cheeks or applied (toxic) lead. Trends change and at some point blush […]

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