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Hits of the past year! Which beauty products got to the top of sales rank?

The past year was full of new arrivals. Lots of noteworthy products were launched yet some long-known jewels grew in popularity as well. What are the hottest beauty products of the past year? Discover hits you must have! It’s worthwhile to do a brief round-up at least once a year. The cosmetic market is changing […]

nanoil charcoal hair mask

Perfectly-balanced hair and scalp care with Nanoil Charcoal & White Clay Hair Mask

Black charcoal and white clay make a perfect duo yet not only in skin-care products. It turns out that both ingredients have a remarkable hair-conditioning effect. If you dream of hair revival, want to improve its condition and appearance, and clear the tresses of toxins at the same time – Nanoil Mask is made for […]

Flaky skin. The best methods to deal with dry skin!

There are days, weeks or even months when our skin is extremely dry and face becomes decorated with awful flaky skin. It is a symptom of many possible reasons. Why do you get peeling skin on your face and how to get rid of it? Meet the best ways to fight off dry skin. It […]

Mineral ingredients in skincare

Skincare implements various natural components such as mineral ingredients. These are safe for the skin, very effective and recommended to everyone no matter skin type, its condition, age or gender. Check out which mineral ingredients will be best for you. Mineral ingredients in cosmetics – what to choose? When it comes to skincare, next to the […]

Big Questions about Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an iconic skin care ingredient which is, at the same time, surrounded by numerous myths. Check out the vitamin-C must-know and answers to the most common questions asked by all who feel like adding it to their skin care routine. 1. What makes vitamin C so big? Vitamin C is one of […]

Facts & myths on skin cancer

Melanoma is a malignant skin cancer which occurs in melanin-producing cells. It usually affects the skin but may also appear in the nasal mucosa, lips and eyeballs, and rarely in the digestive or lymphatic system. Let’s check the must-know information on melanoma. Should we have melanoma and other skin lesions removed? We should, or even […]

Try Ayurvedic skin care for one day!

If you’re into Ayurveda and want to start beauty care in line with its principles, why don’t you first test it for one day? Find out how to care for the body both in the morning and nighttime routine according to Ayurveda. Morning skin care After waking up, get started with tooth and tongue brushing. […]

Lipstick for the cheeks, eyeshadow for the brows… The unknown use of popular cosmetics

Who hasn’t happened to forget to buy a blusher though you run out of it a few days back? Or lost an eyebrow pencil and did not even notice the fact, or lent eyeshadows to the sister and never get them back? Probably, each one of us had a situation like this at least once. What […]

How to choose blusher? Application and types

Blusher imitates your natural blush. However, how should you choose the right one and how to apply it? What are the blusher types? The blusher – history Before professional blusher came to be, women used strawberries, raspberries, beets, and other plants, pinched their cheeks or applied (toxic) lead. Trends change and at some point blush […]

How to care for hair? Check out hair care must (and mustn’t) haves

Hair care products are flooding the cosmetic market so we – consumers (mostly female!) – flood our dressing tables, shelves, drawers, cabinets and whatnots with them. It’s hard not to give in to this madness. Are they all essentials? Do you really need them all? Which ones are useful and which ones prove completely useless? We […]

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