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Skincare for everyone. How to take care of your complexion regardless of the age?

Your skin will remain healthy and beautiful longer if you take care of it the right way. Do you know that skincare should be based on a few basic principles? Check out how to take care of your skin regardless of age. Give it the best you can! Skin is a living and constantly changing part […]

Three newies of the Healthy Mix line from Bourjois

Makeup primer, BB cream and a powder. These are the three new cosmetics by Bourjois from the Healthy Mix series. Their task is not only to create beautiful makeup but also condition the skin. See for yourself hat effects they give and what ingredients they contain.  Brightening primer  Thanks to the new primer from Bourjois your […]

Be FIT with Clinique! New cosmetics for physically active girls

If you often wonder whether you can improve the condition of your skin during training, Clinique will give you the answer to this question. For those of you how love working out and wish to look flawless at all times, CliniqueFIT Workout cosmetics have just appeared on the cosmetic market. Will the sportswomen love them? […]

What foot cream to choose? Types of foot creams

Indeed, feet require special attention because they are rather damage-prone body parts. Why is that? Because every single day, for a considerable part of day, they carry the whole body mass of a human. The worst situation happens in winter when we wear warm socks and heavy boots – this leads to thick skin layer […]

The best homemade face masks

A face mask is a way to immediately improve the condition of the skin. A good mask is like a soothing, regenerating and nourishing compress. It can work wonders and is a perfect complement to your daily skincare routine. Why is a face mask so important? Women who use face masks on regular basis, know what […]

Smog vs. skin. How does smog harm our skin?

Smog is the greatest enemy of our skin, no question. If your local authorities have announced smog alert recently, it’d be better for you not to leave home. Results? Health complications, poor frame of mind, deterioration of skin condition and increased level of heavy metals in blood, to name just a few. Let’s take a […]

How to Help Hair Survive Summer? UV Filters, Photosensitizing Herbs and Henna

In the summer we shouldn’t only focus on protecting our skin. It must be realized that the sun doesn’t always work for the benefit of our hair either. If you want to prevent your strands from being badly affected by the sun, find out which methods to adopt in order to keep you hair healthy […]

How does a salt scrub work?

Sea, Himalayan and Epsom salts are famous for their cosmetic properties. They not only cleanse the skin but also soothe irritations. Salt is easily available, which is why homemade salt scrub is quick and cheap, and at the same time, an effective alternative. How to prepare a salt scrub yourself and how does it work? […]

What Are The Differences Between BB, CC, And DD Creams?

BB cream has revolutionized the cosmetic market. However, for some time now, you can also encounter CC and DD creams. How do these cosmetics differ from their predecessor? What properties does BB, CC and DD cream have and what it is intended for? BB cream – properties BB cream is derived from Asia, where women […]

BIOLIQ PRO – Intensive Wrinkle-Filling Serum

Fight with the pre-mature signs of ageing is the problem of most women who have turned their 30. Only proper skin care can deliver this looked-for effect of skin rejuvenation. Concentrated on skin formula of Intensive Wrinkle-Filling Serum is the answer to wrinkle related problems of women regardless of their age. Intensive Wrinkle-Filling Serum BIOLIQ […]

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