Beautiful lashes – full, long and curled – are what many women dream of. However, not many can pride themselves on having a perfect fan, which is why they reach out for tons of tools and cosmetics that are supposed to give them the desired effect. How will DIY lash extensions let you achieve the result in a quicker and easier manner?

cluster lashes on yourself

DIY lash extensions – who can use them?

DIY lash extensions are designed for those who want all freedom they can get when creating a lash style. Long-lasting lash extension means one needs to get used to wearing falsies for longer – some may think it’s a downside of the treatment.

If you like to experiment and create different lash styles, then go for solutions that let you change your look whenever you like. Today you want natural-looking, delicate lashes, and, on the next day, you feel like Kim Kardashian’s lashes or Hollywood volume effect? Applied in a flash, DIY lash extensions will be the best choice!

It is also a good solution for those who are still having second thoughts – if you are not sure whether you will feel okay wearing extensions, then you can easily check that by applying lash extensions easily at home.

Time is another key thing. By choosing DIY lash extensions, you save time in the morning – the time of the day when every minute counts. Plus, you don’t need to schedule a few hours and make appointments every few weeks to get them done by a lash technician.

cluster lashes application

DIY lash extensions – how to get round to it?

The cluster lashes Nanolash Lash Extensions are recommended to both beginners, who want to apply lash extensions at home, and professionals.

Nanolash offers lash clusters in 8 styles. Made from quality material so they can look real and feel as light as natural lashes. 

One-off application lets you wear your falsies for up to 5 days. Assuming you use 4 or 5 clusters on one eye, you can carry out at least 4 applications with just one set.

Nanolash’s clusters come in special sets including everything that’s essential to apply lash extensions at home.

The set includes:

  • 36 clusters of different lengths (10, 12, 14 mm).
  • black bonder for lash extensions, 5 ml (special glue for clusters).
  • lash sealer (for hold), 5 ml.
  • remover (product for removing lashes), 5 ml.
  • the applicator for putting on lashes.

Each product has a specially-shaped applicator for easy application and dosage. The set will be enough for many uses for sure.

Applying lash extensions at home: How to use the DIY Nanolash Lash Extensions?

lashes cluster nanolash

To achieve the desired result, you need to prep the eye area before applying lash extensions. Using an oil-free makeup remover will do.

The bonder is applied like mascara, that is throughout the length of lashes. Apply one coating and wait for around a minute to achieve the necessary viscosity. While waiting, pick out the clusters from the case, grabbing them gently with the tip of the applicator. 

Start applying the clusters at the base of the natural lashes, around 1 mm away from the lash line. Keep the clusters close to each other. After applying the clusters, press them gently with the applicator. Finally, apply the sealer the same way you used the bonder.

Follow the same steps on the other eye. The full treatment should take 10 minutes tops.

At-home lash extensions Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions – summary

The Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions are premium lash clusters allowing you to adjust the results to your current needs. The case contains three most popular lengths of cluster lashes for creating subtle as well as bolder lash styles. They are extremely easy to use at home – you don’t need experience in applying lash extensions to enjoy superb results. The effects last for up to 5 days!

Each of the eight clusters from the Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions look very real so they make fantastic go-to lash extensions, for work, holidays, glamorous photo shoots and all kinds of parties and events – also the ones you didn’t plan.