Is drying and straightening frequent treatments in your hair care? Or maybe you lighten hair or use dyes with ammonia? Hair dislike some beauty treatments. Bad impact on them have also stress, improper diet and medications. As a result hair lose gloss, become weaken, damaged and start to fall out.

The rescue for them can be L’Oreal Magical Power of Essential Oils. Restorative elixir. Will it fulfil its task and repair damaged hair?

In its favour speaks the diversity of natural oils poured into the bottle with volume of 100 ml/3.4 oz. Currently, oils obtained from seeds, fruits and flowers are base of the deep hair care. In restorative elixir from L’Oreal dominate floral oils. Therefore, linseed oil inhibits ageing processes of hair, restores and moisturises. It is a relief for damaged and brittle hair. Lotus flower and rose oil strengthen and repair hair fibres, provide elasticity and good hair condition. Chamomile oil softens rough and stiff hair by restoring them with gloss. On top of that, Tahitian Gardenia oil cleanses cells of toxins and makes absorption of vitamins and minerals easier.

L’Oreal Magical Power of Essential Oils in a prompt way conditions hair. Used on hair ends alone or after hair wash on damp hair will penetrate hair through cuticles without leaving greasy layer that can weight hair down. Oil can be also applied as a hair mask before hair wash – then apply oil on hair alone, about 15 minutes prior to the hair wash. Restorative elixir from L’Oreal has beautiful scent, and oils are chosen perfectly. However, huge disadvantage is such a high amount of alcohol, which can cause dryness.

When choosing oil for regeneration of dry hair, you should perhaps pick another product without this much of an alcohol in the composition. L’Oreal Magical Power of Essential Oils has plenty of other products in the collection, where level of alcohol is (luckily) really low.