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Ways to deal with post-acne marks and fine lines. What’s Yellow Peel?

Yellow Peel is a multi-phase exfoliating treatment that affects several skin layers. It doesn’t only aid in fighting acne but also restores youthful look to this delicate hand and eye skin area. What’s Yellow Peel and what are its effects? Who can make use of this beauty treatment and what are contraindications to undergoing the […]

Home SPA for hands and feet. A few natural skin care tips

Hand and foot skin care is found crucial by many women. Sadly, beauty treatments, manicure and pedicure is just a small part of what you can do to help them look neat. Find out how to prepare home SPA for your hands and feet. Home SPA for hands and feet – Benefits Home hand and […]

You Had No Idea about It! How to Use Makeup Products Creatively?

Some makeup products can be used in a variety of ways. I bet you haven’t heard of some of the ideas I’m going to share. If you feel like using your makeup products in a completely different way, check how to get round to it. 1. Lipstick = Blush or Eyeshadow Have you run out […]

Beware melanotan. Dangerous for health self-tanner

Are you dreaming about having tanned skin all year long? There is many ways enabling you to achieve the aim, yet not all of them are equally safe. Surely, a self-tanning product that you should stay away from is melanotan. What is melanotan and what is its action? What is melanotan and what is its […]

Alternative to drugstore cosmetics – homemade products for beautiful complexion

How to be beautiful without spending a fortune? Our moms who didn’t have access to so many various cosmetics as we do, know reliable and effective methods to have a beautiful complexion. Luckily, there is no need for giving up our favourite creams or toners. It is enough to enrich their action with the benefits brought […]

Under-eye patches: properties and effects

Under-eye patches smooth, tighten and moisturise the skin as well as reduce swelling. They can easily replace the anti-wrinkle eye cream. Why? The effects of using the latter are not immediate and so spectacular. Thanks to the concentrated ingredients, the under-eye patches work instantly. What properties do they have and how to use them? Under-eye […]

How to apply face cream properly?

A face cream is one of the cosmetics that should always be included in a woman’s washbag. It is extremely important in skin conditioning as well as evening and morning care. However, for the cream to bring the expected results, it should be applied properly. Read on to check how to do it. 1. Apply […]

When your skin is thirsty – hydrating facial treatments

The skin becomes dehydrated for a number of reasons and, unfortunately, it is usually a sudden and quite fast process. It can happen also to oily, acne and combination skin. Adverse weather conditions, cold or hot season, dry air caused by radiators or simply drinking not enough water can make the skin dehydrated. How to […]

Laser against Zits! Laser Therapy in Acne Skin Care

Laser therapy is said to be the most effective acne treatment. Why? It doesn’t overload your body as much as antibiotics. What is more, it’s more efficient than anti-acne spot treatments. Let’s check the procedure and its effects. Challenge of finding an acne cure Acne isn’t just a cosmetic defect. It is a chronic disease […]

What is Japanese manicure and how to make it?

In the procedure of Japanese manicure, a special paste with vitamins and minerals is rubbed into a natural nail plate and then a layer of powder is rubbed on it. It results in healthy and good-looking nails. Japanese manicure is a method developed by the Japanese company P. Shine, hence the alternative name – manicure […]

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