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Skincare for everyone. How to take care of your complexion regardless of the age?

Your skin will remain healthy and beautiful longer if you take care of it the right way. Do you know that skincare should be based on a few basic principles? Check out how to take care of your skin regardless of age. Give it the best you can! Skin is a living and constantly changing part […]

What foot cream to choose? Types of foot creams

Indeed, feet require special attention because they are rather damage-prone body parts. Why is that? Because every single day, for a considerable part of day, they carry the whole body mass of a human. The worst situation happens in winter when we wear warm socks and heavy boots – this leads to thick skin layer […]

The best homemade face masks

A face mask is a way to immediately improve the condition of the skin. A good mask is like a soothing, regenerating and nourishing compress. It can work wonders and is a perfect complement to your daily skincare routine. Why is a face mask so important? Women who use face masks on regular basis, know what […]

Smog vs. skin. How does smog harm our skin?

Smog is the greatest enemy of our skin, no question. If your local authorities have announced smog alert recently, it’d be better for you not to leave home. Results? Health complications, poor frame of mind, deterioration of skin condition and increased level of heavy metals in blood, to name just a few. Let’s take a […]

How does a salt scrub work?

Sea, Himalayan and Epsom salts are famous for their cosmetic properties. They not only cleanse the skin but also soothe irritations. Salt is easily available, which is why homemade salt scrub is quick and cheap, and at the same time, an effective alternative. How to prepare a salt scrub yourself and how does it work? […]

Power of Essential Oils. Learn their action

Essential oils have been used for ages by doctors, chemists and perfumers. These exceptional substances don’t only smell good but also can heal! They have many marvellous features that can help you stay beautiful and healthy. Learn some of them to proceed with preparing your own cosmetics based on essential oils. How do essential oils […]

Cosmetic Clay – Types, Benefits & Uses

We’re using natural ingredients coming from Mother Nature in skin and hair care more and more often. A cosmetic clay is among them, offering a wide range of uses in body care. The best thing is we can mix it with other cosmetics, enhancing its qualities and, in effect, improving the state of skin and […]

Pumice and foot file – their properties and differences

Our feet are constantly exposed to various mechanical injuries because it is on them that we rest our entire body weight. The points on the feet that are in constant contact with the ground, i.e. the inner side of the heel, the big toe and metatarsus are in particular need of care. These parts of the […]

How to take care of your hands? The best cosmetics and treatments

The skin of the hand is constantly exposed to damage. You do not even realize how many factors affect the deterioration of its condition. If you want your hands to always be well-groomed and protected from irritations, follow the instructions below and use the right cosmetics. Why is the skin of the hand susceptible to damage? […]

Beauty Blender. What is it, how to use it?

Beauty blender is a very popular gadget that many women use to apply their makeup. Its appearance resembles an egg, however, there are different shapes of these gadgets available on the market. All you have to do is match the makeup sponge to suit your needs, and your makeup will be perfect, long-lasting and always on fleek. […]

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