Most of us associate vitamin C face serum mainly with a skincare product that deals with pigmentation spots only. However, this product offers far more than that! It can’t be denied, a good vitamin C face serum plays an important role in improving skin appearance. Apart from erasing discolorations, this product is able to successfully deal with dullness and sagging. Also, vitamin C face serum effectively smooths out wrinkles and cures acne. It can be said that vitamin C face serum is one of the finest skin treatments that can be done at home. And the best thing is that such skincare product can be used both by the young and adults.

Who can use vitamin C face serum?

This skincare product can be used by everyone – this is the simplest and the shortest answer to give. Experts agree that vitamin C face serum is suitable even for young skin. Why is that? Simply because L-ascorbic acid that vitamin C face serum contains works like a youth elixir leaving facial skin flawless. This quality makes it a desirable product of those who struggle with acne. When used regularly, vitamin C face serum removes not only post-acne marks but also various pigmentation spots.

A good vitamin C face serum is a way for all skin types – even in a miserable condition – to win back its lost radiance and good looks. All of this makes vitamin C face serum perfect for the skin no matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s.

What can you expect from vitamin C face serum?

If you keep using vitamin C face serum regularly, you can be sure that soon it will:

  • highlight pigmentation spots
  • even out skin tone
  • help you combat acne
  • free you from post-acne spots
  • protect you from free radicals
  • encourage cellular turnover
  • help skin regenerate faster
  • clear dead skin cells away
  • shield your face from UV rays

How long does it take to notice vitamin C face serum effects?

It all depends on a few factors. Firstly, you should take into consideration the current state of your skin and the quality of face serum you want to use. The finest vitamin C face serums are formulated with the best form of vitamin C, which obviously grants the best results. Therefore, in order to enjoy the desired effects, it’s advised to choose the skincare products that contain the most stable compounds of vitamin C. Once you start treating your face with such serum, you will notice immediate skin improvement that takes the form of skin brightening and relaxation. Over time, you can expect the skin to win back its good condition. The complete vitamin C skin treatment may take a few months, yet the noticeable skin improvement can be observed within a couple of weeks.

How to choose efficacious vitamin C face serum?

We know the best and top-rated vitamin C face serums. You too should know them! Here is a list of the most efficacious vitamin C face serums.

That’s important!

Face serum is proven to be the best carrier used to supply skin with vitamin C. When incorporated into the lightweight and well-absorbed formula of a face serum, vitamin C reaches deeper so it’s able to improve skin from within. This makes face serum the actual skin regeneration and skin quality improvement.

TOP 5: Highly-recommended vitamin C face serums

1. Nanoil, Vit. C Face Serum; the best form of vitamin C

Nanoil, Vit. C Face Serum; the best form of vitamin C

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The key ingredient of this remarkable face serum is ascorbic acid, aka vitamin C. According to the specialists, vitamin C used in Nanoil – that is 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid – is the most stable one, which means that it’s well-tolerated by all skin types. Thanks to this, this remarkable skincare product offered by Nanoil is able to give you all the benefits of vitamin C face serum.

Nanoil Vit. C Face Serum erases pigmentation spots and effectively deals with dull and sallow skin. Moreover, this skincare product helps you say goodbye to other skin imperfections and blemishes like acne or scars. After a few applications, the complexion wins youthful radiance and suppleness. One use of Nanoil Vit. C Face Serum leaves your face looking rested and feeling smooth.

2. The Ordinary, Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

This serum is formulated with a L-ascorbic acid derivative, which means that this is a synthetic substance that is supposed to supply skin with the nutrient. Despite being a weaker form of vitamin C, it may turn out to be suitable when used as an anti-ageing strategy. The Ordinary vitamin C face serum provides a visible improvement to the skin and leaves it nicely brightened.

Other pluses of this face serum include: lack of alcohols/silicones/mineral oils, is vegan-friendly, its pH is suitable for face skin. When used regularly, you can expect this vitamin C face serum to highlight your face and give it an effective protection from free radicals. Finally, you can expect it to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, which eliminates the problem of broken capillaries.

3. Sesderma, C-VIT Face Serum

This face serum is formulated with the finest form of vitamin C and ginkgo biloba extract that is known for being a potent antioxidant. This skincare product is recommended for mature skin. A long list of ingredients suggests that there is less vitamin C used in C-VIT Face Serum when compared to other skincare products of this type.

Even though it contains some controversial ingredients (e.g. PEG), it positively affects the skin appearance. Treated with Sesderma C-VIT Face Serum, skin feels rested, firm and looks younger. This is a decent vitamin C face serum that helps you win good-looking complexion.

4. Liqpharm, LIQ CC Serum Rich 15% Vitamin C BOOST

Owing to active ingredient concentrates, this vitamin C face serum effectively delays skin ageing processes, brightens skin up and leaves it even-toned. Moreover, thanks to vitamin C, this skincare product shields complexion from the adverse effects of environmental stressors that attack the skin daily.

This face serum is formulated with 15% vitamin C which, according to the producer, is able to stimulate skin, fight off free radicals and even out skin tone. Apart from vitamin C, Liqpharm face serum also contains vitamin E and magnesium. All three substances protect skin and help it regenerate faster.

5. IT’S SKIN, Power 10 Formula VC Effector

This is another vitamin C face serum that has a positive effect on skin and its self-healing processes. It’s main task focuses on alleviating acne. Apart from that, this vitamin C face serum by IT’S SKIN helps skin recover from inflammations and controls melanin production, which means that it prevents post-acne spots. Another positive thing to mention is that this vitamin C face serum clears dead skin cells away and shrinks skin pores.