Are you struggling with brittle, fragile nails? There are lots of possible causes but we can handle them all easily. All you need is 5 remedies for stronger nails. They are natural, easy to use, and they really work.

We often downplay the nail care, not paying much attention to the importance of nourishing, moisturising and protecting the nails. Consequently, they break off, split, and generally get worse. In some cases we are the wrongdoers yet not always.

Causes of weak nails

There are lots of different reasons for weak and brittle nails. Oftentimes, we simply don’t take care of our nails. However, it happens that some external factors affect them, and we can’t do much about that. Why do nails break and split then? The top causes include:

  • uncontrolled nail biting, e.g. because of stress
  • not using any nail care products like conditioner or oils
  • applying or removing gel nail polish incorrectly
  • using nail polish containing formaldehyde
  • lack of protection against chemicals, e.g. while cleaning the house
  • breaking the nails while working physically
  • cutting the cuticles off, e.g. with a razor blade

TOP Treatments for Stronger Nails

What can you do when your nails are in bad condition? You need to strengthen them, but you don’t need in-salon treatments. Here are 5 superb nail strengtheners to use at home!

1. Keratin nail conditioner

A protein nail conditioner is always a go-to product because nails are made from… proteins. Keratin works wonders, but milk, soy, wheat or silk proteins may prove beneficial too. The type of conditioner is up to. If you prefer regular conditioners, it’s okay. If you’re big on oils, it’s fine. Just remember to use a conditioning product.

2. Castor oil

If you don’t want nail conditioners from the beauty store, which are obviously heavier on the pocket, you can try a more budget-friendly alternative, that is pure castor oil. You just need to rub it into the nails every day, for example at bedtime. The nails will be stronger, smoother and more shiny after a couple of days.

3. Argan oil

Argan oil has similar properties. It is definitely a top pick among oils. Because it’s less thick, it’s easier to use. Argan oil is equally efficient. It enhances healthy nail growth, strengthens and repairs the nails from within, reducing breakage. It also protects them from damaging factors like UV.

4. Shea butter

Shea butter is another natural cosmetic you can use on the nails. You just need to make sure it is cold-pressed, organic and unrefined because only this kind of shea butter has all the nutrients. Remember to rub it into the nails and cuticles regularly. You’ll be surprised to see the effects really fast.

5. Warm olive oil

Warm (never hot) olive oil soak is another fantastic way for making the nails better. It brings lots of benefits for the skin and nails, strengthening, adding resilience, and protecting them. Olive oil encourages growth, smoothes the nails, and makes them shine so they look way better. How to do the soak? Heat up half a glass of olive oil, pour it into a small bowl, and soak the nails or hands for minimum 15 minutes.