Freezing cold, snow, frosty air are merciless towards the skin… In winter, you end up with hair damage, skin irritation, weak lashes and brows. How can you save yourself from both the freeze outside and central heating indoors?

8 Winter Hair & Skin Care Rules

1. Turn the radiator down

Yes, warmth is nice. However, remember that heated air is extremely dry, it ruins your skin and puts your blood vessels at risk. That is why, you should make sure there’s enough air humidity indoors – get a humidifier. Also, you can turn off the radiator every time you go out to avoid too much heat and consequently harming the fragile blood vessels.

2. Always remember about the thorough face cleansing

Cleaning is the base for skin care – not just in winter. This season makes the glands produce more sebum so keeping it clean is nothing but a must. Apart from a good micellar water, use a facial scrub – it works more intensively and removes dead skin cells effectively. The scrub also stimulates the repair and renewal of your skin so do it at least once a week.

3. Add natural oils to your beauty care

Natural oils are the best thing you can present your skin and hair with in winter. They are suitable for the entire body care, including face and feet! Plus they work for hair oil treatment you can do at home. Thanks to fatty acids, vitamins and phytosterols included in oils, you can regenerate your hair and skin, strengthen hair bulbs, purify the scalp, protect skin from the outside harmful elements (freeze, harsh wind, central heating).

4. Apply sunscreen

UVA and UVB radiation is very harmful, ruins the skin and triggers aging processes in the blink. You must protect your skin from the sunrays even in winter (especially if you go skiing or mountain hiking). The higher you go, the bigger number of UV rays reach you. To make things worse, the sunlight is reflected from snow. Use a cream with a high filter and remember to reapply it every 2-3 hours.

5. Use an eyelash & eyebrow serum

In winter, even the strongest lashes and thickest brows get weaker, let alone the increased proneness to damage and vulnerability. Both lashes and brows are going to welcome some support from an enhancing serum. The application of such products is extremely easy and quick: just remember to apply the product to the lash/brow line once a day.

6. Remember about the protection of hands – wear gloves

Hand skin gets quickly damaged and unfortunately even the hottest mani won’t help. If you want to prevent your hand skin from premature aging, wear gloves apart from a hand lotion – they are going to save your delicate skin in this area.

7. Get some fish oil & good fatty acids

Unsaturated fatty acids are essential for the proper body functions. In winter, they are especially useful in order to do away with free radicals. Fatty acids in unrefined oils work amazingly as a facial skin serum protecting from pollution and oxidative stress.

8. Protect your lips & hair

I guess everybody remembers about this stage of beauty routine. However, lips are the first body part which gets extremely dry in winter time. Always make sure you have a lip balm on you and rub a bit of natural oil in hair ends before going out. It is going to save your hair from damage.