Here are the most popular cosmetics for styling you hair. Every hair maniac has them in their make-up bags. You cannot do without these products especially if your hair is long, thick and difficult to style.

G for GEL

Its action is similar to wax (which will be described further on), but has a much lighter formula. The cosmetic may contain fragrances and provides moisturising and polishing effects. It is clear and smooth. It sets your hairdo for hours, does not cause oily or dry strands. Apply gel to damp hair, then dry it. But beware: some gels, under the influence of heat, turn into white powder and resemble dandruff.


Hair mousse is as popular as hairspray. By using this cosmetic you will create every hairstyle you desire, set and enhance curls, lift your wisps at the base. They contain ingredients that will give your strands the right shape and texture. In drugstores you can find mousses with different levels of strength, which have a lightweight texture and do not stick hair. Apply the product to damp hair and distribute evenly on the strands with the help of a comb with densely arranged teeth. Then blow-dry your hair on a round brush.


It is the most popular cosmetic used in hair styling. It was created over 50 years ago, and the trend of teasing hair determined its uniqueness and usefulness. hairsprays which are available in drugstores today, not only provide structural support to hair. Their composition include sunscreens, moisturisers and formulas designed to protect the colour from fading. hairsprays are divided in terms of purpose: so we have products emphasising curls, taming unruly strands, polishing and adding volume. To fix the hairstyle just spray the product from a distance of about 20 cm – then, your hair will covered with a gentle mist bt will not be glued together and overburdened.

W for WAX

Another very popular product for hair styling is wax. It contains vegetable oils, natural waxes and petroleum jelly. The product does not stick and does not stiffen hair, but smooths and gently polishes. Wax is designed for the use of both women and men, as well as for arranging hair of different lengths. Before you apply the cosmetics to your hair, heat it in your hands to make it more malleable. Then, apply it to your wisps and style the way you want.