Almost everybody has heard that avocado offers as many as 7 vitamins and has plenty of health benefits. This shouldn’t be surprising. Not everyone though knows that apart from the oil and flesh, we can use its pit! How? What are avocado pit benefits?

Avocado is a powerful fruit. It’s worth not only to eat it but also to make use of its skin and hair benefits. Many guides and how-to’s focus either on the flesh or the oil extracted from avocado. It’s a pity because the avocado seed happens to have remarkably high nutrient content.

Avocado pit – properties

Despite being a precious cosmetic constituent, avocado pit seems to be – let’s call it – dead and buried, which is a pity because the seed can give us numerous advantages.

First of all, avocado pits are bactericidal and fungicidal. Additionally, it’s a really potent antioxidant. Its ability to fight back free radicals combined with other precious compounds the pit contains are what makes it so effective. Making use of avocado regularly, you will surely notice significant improvement in your physical appearance.

Secondly, it’s worth emphasizing that an avocado pit contains good fatty acids and is a rich source of minerals (e.g. calcium, magnesium, zinc) as well as vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B₉, which is folic acid. Owing to all these substances, using ground avocado pit as a cosmetic constituent makes sense.

Skin benefits of avocado pit

  • It maintains hydration levels in the skin.
  • It delays ageing processes and prevents wrinkles.
  • It improves skin’s natural defense mechanisms (i.g. hydro-lipid barrier).
  • It counteracts free radicals and toxins.
  • It helps skin remain supple and resilient.
  • It promotes dead skin cells removal.

Avocado pit in skincare

Even though a round avocado pit is full of nourishing substances and works wonders when it comes to improving our physical appearance, sadly it seems to be rather cumbersome. And this is why the following question arises: “How to make use of avocado pits in skin care?”

Fortunately, the answer is surprisingly simple: you have to grind the avocado pit. When dismantled into small pieces, the avocado pit makes a marvelous and all-natural ingredient that can be used to manufacture various home personal care products. For example, it can play the role of abrasive particles in a diy body scrub. To make the grinding possible, the avocado pit has to be dried out first. This process can be sped up by putting the pit into the oven.

Ideas for using ground avocado pit in beauty products

If you have a “powdered” avocado pit, it’s time to make use of its precious properties. There are a few ways you can enjoy its benefits.

1. Avocado face mask – combine a ground avocado pit with a spoon either of aloe juice or honey (both are great moisturizers). Try to obtain an easy to apply mask, preventing it from being too runny. If you want to upgrade the face mask in some detoxifying features, add green clay and a dash of water.

2. Facial scrub with avocado pit – if you use a regular grater instead of grinding the seed to obtain fine powder, you can use it as exfoliators in a facial scrub. Just take a spoon of ground avocado pit and combine it with a selected vegetable oil, e.g. argan oil. Keep massaging the face to boost circulation and smooth the skin out.

3. Avocado hair rinse – another idea is to use avocado pits to make home hair rinse. Its preparation takes some time because you need to cook it for an hour. Once cooled down, pour the infusion over the hair to nourish and repair it.