You probably know this scenario: you wake up and your hair looks far from perfect, frizzy, static, generally unruly. This means you need to spend some time to take control of the mess before work, school or Zoom meeting. Thankfully, there is a way to wake up with a ready-to-go hairdo. We tested plenty of nighttime hairstyles and two best ones emerged!

Is sleeping with your hair tied a good idea?

Sure it is! Firstly, you save precious time in the morning. Secondly, you keep your hair healthy because it’s not exposed to tugging, breakage and damage.

Key rules for nighttime hairstyles:

  • don’t do the hair when it’s wet or damp, allow it to dry naturally or use a dryer
  • don’t fall asleep with a towel on because it’s a stronghold for bacteria
  • keep the hairstyle loose, don’t pull it too tight to avoid damage to the hair bulbs
  • use a soft, thick hair tie

Here are two best nighttime hairstyles

Braid – definitely the best hairstyle ever created

Make a French braid or just a regular one above the neck, and wake up with stunning waves or curls. You can tame frizzy strands using a hair oil or silicone serum.

Bun – a brilliant alternative for a braid

A bun lifts the roots of hair so you wake up with amazing volume. You can try a unicorn bun right along the forehead. A regular bun is done on the top of the head. Your hair will be straight or wavy.

Extra thing to try: silk bonnet or wrap

A hair bonnet is usually recommended for curly hair. It is ideal for protecting the hair against mechanical damage. Silk is cut out for hair and scalp. A silk bonnet or wrap is a great idea when you don’t have enough time for nighttime hairstyles.