Argan oil is called liquid gold of Morocco. How did it deserve such a noble name? Why, despite the multitude of various natural oils, this one holds the gold medal of care? What are the opinions, how to apply it to hair and – most importantly – which is worth recommending? We present a handful of the most important facts about argan oil and reveal how to choose the best one.

Argan oil according to INCI: Argania Spinosa Seed Oil

Argan oil – properties 

It revitalizes the skin, neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals and reduces wrinkles, but above all perfectly strengthens and improves the condition of hair. Argan oil has a wide spectrum of applications, and owes its popularity primarily to the ideal balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. This fat balance determines its health and cosmetic properties, which are unbeatable. Argan oil is suitable for almost all types of hair, it is a “grateful” ingredient of creams, lotions and hair conditioners, perfectly combines with other natural oils without disturbing their properties and broadening the spectrum of their activity. Argan oil is ideal for hair oiling, because it does not overload the hair, absorbs well and protects against high temperatures.

How to use argan oil in hair care?

Moroccan argan oil works best if applied to both hair and scalp – its anti-free radical and rejuvenating effect makes it a great remedy for weak hair bulbs.

It is best to start applying oil to the hair evenly (the oil should not drip down the hair), and then covering the entire hairstyle – section by section so that the oil can easily penetrate the hair.

Warning! If you use styling products on a daily basis (hair gel, hair mousse, hairspray, paste, wax, etc.), first wash your hair thoroughly. Argan oil can also be applied to wet, towel-dried hair – it will intensify oil absorption. Hair covered with a layer of a hairspray, unfortunately, will not absorb sufficient amount of argan oil.

The oil can be left in your hair for about an hour or longer. It is important that after finishing the oil hair treatment, wash it out thoroughly. Make sure to use delicate shampoo without any comedogenic substances.

Moroccan argan oil is a fully natural, cold-pressed product that can be successfully used on the face, under the eyes, rubbed in nails and added to creams or body lotions.

How does argan oil affect the hair? [Effects]

  • takes care of the right level of hair hydration
  • prevents hair from drying out
  • strengthens and regenerates the hair
  • protects against heat and conditions the hair while colour-treating
  • improves the condition of hair and scalp
  • inhibits hair loss, polishes, smoothes and softens the hair
  • nourishes and improves hair structure

Argan oil – price

When buying argan oil it is worth remembering that this original, Moroccan, cold-pressed and organic oil can be relatively expensive. It is embossed according to a traditional recipe, and up to 30 kg of argan nuts are needed to get one litre of oil. There are many different argan oils available on the market. It is worth checking the packaging where the chosen argan oil comes from and whether – contrary to the manufacturer’s assurances – it does not contain other natural oils.

Argan oil – reviews

Not without reason, argan oil is collecting such good opinions online. It is perfect for almost all hair types. Most bloggers, vloggers and prestigious hair salons recommend it to their viewers and clients. The best idea is to supplement its properties with other oils (for instance, those in which a number of vitamins and minerals predominate) – in this form, it is best to use it for hair oil treatment.