Curly and wavy hair requires intensive care. Curly Girl (CG) is one of the methods you can try. How to follow it in daily hair regimen and what effects to hope for? Check what you can do to make your hair soft, shiny and gorgeous-looking.

What’s behind the CG idea?

Curly Girl is a strict hair care method based on the analysis of ingredients in products you use. This is what makes it challenging for the beginners. Despite the initial problems you might face to, CG method gives amazing results. What is the real procedure?

What does Curly Girl Method involve?

CG Method focuses on washing hair and scalp with gentle shampoos and conditioners. Apply the latter to damp strands and skin on the head (front, back and sides). Next, dampen hair once again and massage for around 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You can replace a conditioner with cold-pressed vegetable oils.

  1. First, clarifying wash by Curly Girl Method
    During the first wash, you remove all silicones, sebum, dust and other substances which keep your hair from curling nicely. Use a clarifying shampoo – remember to rinse it well. Next, apply a bit of moisturising or emollient mask. After a moment, rinse it and apply a moisture-boosting mask with a bit of oil or a leave-in conditioner. Eventually, work a styling product through hair and scrunch hair. To squeeze out water excess, use a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt.
  2. Washing hair by Curly Girl Method
    Use a conditioner or a mild shampoo for next washes. Gently massage a large dose into wet hair and scalp. Use a comb if necessary. Next, put a humectant mask or conditioner and a shower cap on hair; after approx. 20 minutes, rinse it. Mix a leave-in conditioner with a few drops of cold-pressed oil. Massage it into hair and apply a styling agent. Get rid of water excess with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt.

How to brush curls and waves and what to use?

The right brushing routine lets you bring out the beauty and curl of your hair. Without doubts, it can’t be achieved with brushes such as Tangle Teezer, Detangler, Tangler Angle or plastic combs. A plastic fine-tooth comb won’t do the trick either. A wooden wide-tooth comb will work far better. Brush your hair wet after applying a mask or conditioner.

What is plopping?

Plopping, or plunking, is a way to enhance your curls or waves. Squeeze water excess, apply a styling product to lengths and an oil to hair ends. Lay a cotton T-shirt in front of you, lean forward and make sure the sleeves are close to your head: put hair in the middle of the T-shirt and tie the sleeves in a knot. You can wear the turban for even 3 hours. Plopping will surely make your curls last long.