Dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyes after a sleepless night is a big problem of many women. Skin under the eyes is extremely delicate and easily irritated thus it requires proper care. You should go for home-made serum under the eyes with argan oil – it is safe, effective and all natural.

We don’t always like the ingredients of eye creams that are commercially available. It is really difficult to find a product that fits our needs if we reach out for ready-made options. Not always we know the ingredients of the product and whether it won’t harm our delicate skin around the eyes. We suggest making your own under eye serum with argan oil – it will be effective as well as perfectly safe and natural.


  • 30 ml of argan oil
  • 5 ml of hyaluronic acid gel 1%
  • 3 ml of grape seed or sweet almond oil
  • container; preferably dark bottle with a pipette

Argan oil is the basic ingredient of the serum. Moroccan liquid gold is cold pressed from the fresh nuts of Argan tree. The oil is appreciated worldwide due to rich ingredients and numerous conditioning properties. Argan oil regenerates the epidermis, improves the elasticty of the skin, smooths the skin, alleviates the irritation and nourishes – that is why it is extremely effective in eye skin care.

Hyaluronic acid gel provides moisturizing properties of the argan oil serum and enhances the absorption of other active ingredients. Grape seed or sweet almond oil acts as an antioxidant which delivers strong nourishing properties and protection from UV radiation.

The preparation of under eyes argan oil serum is extremely easy – you mix all the ingredients until they combine. It is stored in a tightly closed dark glass bottle in a shadowy and cool place (not in the fridge). Apply it to the skin under the eyes like you do with a standard serum – tap and gently massage one drop of the argan serum in the skin under the eyes.