Probably you aren’t even aware of the number of fundamental mistakes you make while doing eye makeup. Which ones? Keep reading find this out and to avoid them consciously. Also, learn how to fix what seems to be unfixable in eye makeup.

1. Eyelid that is not ready for makeup

Without appropriate and initial preparation, eye makeup can’t be successful, it won’t last long and the eye shadows will gather in creases of skin. It’s important to cover up all discolourations, spider veins, spots and moles before applying eyeshadows. Otherwise, such skin blemishes might change the colour of eyeshadows and make them look bad. To solve this problem, apply a primer, a concealer or a foundation, and then apply powder. Thanks to this, your eye makeup will hold for significantly longer.

2. More intensive makeup applied to lower eyelid than to the upper one

This is how people with small eyes and droopy eyelids shouldn’t do their makeup. Heavy makeup enhances lower eyelid and, as a consequence, ages. To clarify, eyeshadow applied to this area ‘drags’ the eyelid down, which makes face look fatigued. Intensively enhanced lower eyelid deprives look of lightness, and eyes seem to be sad. In order to preserve the cohesion in makeup, both eyelids must be done similarly. This can be achieved by using similar shades which are applied in a similar way.

3. Black water line

If you want to use a black eye pencil, you must know how to do it properly. This colour cosmetic delivers marvelous effects if used to gradient eyeshadows or create smoky eye. If you use just a black pencil to do eye makeup, then probably the eyes are made look smaller. Luckily, this can be prevented in two ways:

  • by replacing the pencil into a nude one because this shade applied to water line is supposed to enlarge eyes. Then, you don’t have to bother about applying eye shadows;
  • by smudging black pencil on lower eyelid. Then, you can create the effect that makes your eyes look bigger. This result might be even intensified by applying the right eyeshadows.

4. No blending

This is another and very basic mistake made while doing eye makeup. In short, a few unblended colours applied to eyelid leave much to be desired. Clear lines between eyeshadows look cheap and the entire eye makeup is simply unfinished. What needs to be done in this case is take a brush, practice blending eyeshadows and stop making this makeup mistake once and for all.

5. Lower lashes without mascara coat

Makeup where upper and lower eyelids are done, water line is accentuated, upper eyelashes coated with mascara without coating the lower eyelashes, well, this looks awkward. How to fix this? Luckily, it’s simple. Buy a mascara that comes with a special brush enabling you to coat lower eyelashes. Obviously, they are small so the brush should be of small size too.

6. Poorly applied highlighter

In order to make eye makeup look well, a highlighting cosmetic must be applied to the right face parts: to the inner corner of the eye and right below brow arch. Unfortunately, many women apply a highlighter to other facial parts, sometimes they use it too much and blend the comesic poorly. In most cases, this product reaches eye crease and tear trough located near the nose.